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By Heero
I know you dont want my opinion, but Ive not seen development plus scanning for less that $7/roll. So thats $3.50 for the film, plus $7 for the dev, plus shipping which equals $11+/roll of film. Plus there will be an up charge should you want to push or pull yer film (and who wants to shoot purely 400 all the time? Not this guy!). Best to not be lazy and do it yerself.
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By stonedfly
I hear yah but I've got a four year old and a two year old (boyz) who would drink, piss in, and generally pollute any attempt at a dark room if I even had room for it. Not to mention the time thing. If I could finagle my way back into a dark room somewheres off site it would be different story.

Just dreamin'.
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By troutsmack
stonedfly wrote:I was just noodling around with my old spotmatic spII and pondering what to do with it...such nice glass, so little time.

Seriously though, are there any labs that will scan and develop b&w for reasonable that someone would recommend (heero excluded)?
Thompson photo down there on Middlebrook Pike/University Ave will do it, but they ain't cheap, cool place though, it's worth a visit.

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