Monthly photo contests will be the feature of this forum. Discussions of photographic techniques, gear, software, etc will (hopefully) discussed here.
Just looked through all the topics in here and didn't see any devoted to black & white. Either I'm missing it, or someone has been slacking off.

I'm also curious if anyone wants to share their B&W conversion techniques. I'm convinced that the best B&W shots are more than just desaturated. I don't think I've found the best method yet, but I've been playing around with several. So far the one I like the best is to desaturate, then bump the brightness down a tad (usually -10 or so) and the contrast up 10 or so.

I guess I'll start things off

This is Lurgee last night on a local trickle


This is SLSS at Spey Nation, we were standing right next to a smoking grill so its a little hazy. Probably could be tweaked a little bit to clear it up.


a flower

[report]I take a similar approach, DT, but use the slide and don't keep track of the numbers, as I think each image is a bit different. I also lean towards sepia tritones, as I like the warmer feel.

And next time I see you, plan on getting photo'd, as I need some counter-photo-insurgency ammo.
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My favorite landscape shot I've ever taken.
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Old school b/w infrared.[/report]
I'll play

old wood.JPG
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ditchdoc wrote:[report]
makes you wonder what happened to the folks that used to sit in those chairs and the stories that were told. Nice shot
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