Monthly photo contests will be the feature of this forum. Discussions of photographic techniques, gear, software, etc will (hopefully) discussed here.
The Video was shot during 3 days in Umba this fall – Steffen and I was fishing some days, between our homework. And I must admit we was blessed by higher power. During one afternoon in Krivetz we nailed 7 salmon all between 17 and 20 Lbs – all straight from the sea.

Check out the video here –

We did another one; all shot with the new Gopro Camera, really nice camera.

I hope you will enjoy:)

And is your business really hurting that badly you need to spam the proletariats on the Drake? I mean, how many guys here do you really think can pay $6k for a week of fishing (not including the $3K or so itll cost to get there)? Also, those guys up in the ASR wants double what you want (triple during the best weeks), and they have no trouble fully booking their rods a year in advance. You must be doing something wrong.
Cool camera angles, entertaining video, looks like yall were having a great time. So yeah, follow the link, post the goods in General, and welcome aboard. Or don't and fuck off.
you seem sincere so here's a little link for you to check out. the rituals of the board, it's too easy to ignore.
GS doing his best Henry Kissinger.......well done....If I didn't think Kare would be offended I might tell him to fuck off

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