Monthly photo contests will be the feature of this forum. Discussions of photographic techniques, gear, software, etc will (hopefully) discussed here.
back to the point of this thread- the contest within the contest. should wee change the rules, and use either the pancho picture, or the vokey pivcture? I still say RFA judges, as othrwise he'd have the whole deal sewedd up already obviously.
Apparently, I didn't understand the photo contest. I didn't realize I had to be a habitual poster on The Drake online. Instead of being welcomed (maybe I should have posted porn lifted off the internet), I'll just go...after I stop my subscription to The Drake Mag, unfriend The Drake & Tom Bie on fb. As for the hero shot? Not needed...I'm a girl, not a guy...I don't need to prove I can catch huge fish, I just do. I'm bummed though, I really wanted to give the TFO to my nephew. I prefer an RB Meiser.

Oh, & what is RFA?

I was going to say you whine like a C%$^ on a fishing trip....but you proved me correct without the fishing trip
smithhammer? yea. smithhammer. ON a side note, and this is total spam, but I am selling portraits of famous guides and anglers, done by rfa in the assifieds... feel free to purchase one, or drop off a recipe either or or both.

I just won one in real life with a picture of a baby duck jumping off the handle of a spey rod. The Composition is... well it's all in the frame anyway. the judges picked it becasue it was the "snapsot of a lifetime" whcih wasn't a catagory in the contest- but hey. CAn you Photochop a picture of a dick onto a dcukling?

I just reread this and find I am typing even worse than normal. sorry guys. at least none of it is actually important to comunicaate HEY!
The Drake Photo Contest is like a blowjob without the finish.......WTF?
winner winner chicken dinner................
this is the drake, results ,like a fly swap, will be doled out in 365 days give or take, Smithhammer will be notified that he won, Rfa will get a hat, the rest of you will get honorable mention. thats just the way it works . deal with it. :coffee

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