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By illcentrifugal
i'm thinking of retiring from the fishy stuff, and going full time into paparazzi and porn. most likely will necessitate a move to either
A) vegas
B) phoenix area(i think i can crash on my gramps couch and listen to him critique my wasted life)
C) somewhere in the hollywood area.
i have been studying the porn for a while, and think it needs some new angles, although i may need to hit the weight bench and protein shake diet to get ready for the paparazzi world, i have seen those celebs throw some mean gucci bags...
if anyone knows anyone in the biz and could get me some face time, i'd let you sit in on a couple of the porn shoots...
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By Cmdr Taco
Honestly you suck. No really, you suck. Pour gas on yourself and light youself on fire and take a picture of that. That would be worth snapping a picture of.
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By illcentrifugal
so fire porn dancers maybe?? is that what yer tellin me?? what us city is the hotspot for that subculture? is there magazines that publish that sort of thing??
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By Randall Dee
First off, yes you have mad skilz behind the lens...... God given talent.

I think Day Tripper is on to a very unique type of porn. My inclination is that you would definitely excel in that particular porn genre and gramps might even be able to help you out with some models.

Good luck and dog speed lad. :cool
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By NeedmoreDEET
Hook up with Jimmy D ( :cheer

How about a few new shots man?
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By illcentrifugal
new b&w work from this winter...
and thanks fer the tip...
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