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By riversquid
looking to buy a new camera

with my found wealth called tax money burning a hole in my pocket I was looking at the cannons , now I don't know shit about these things other than they seem very complex to use and lenses are mad spendy but, lens are important in the niceness of a photo..

I plan on using this to take photos of boats on the water , on a few larger coastal streams , rain may be a factor ..
and a class may also be needed to get this thing dialed in

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By illcentrifugal
no way, you take pictures of boats on water too??
i don't know shit about other camera's besides the one's i own, which are nikon's, but i will say this: spend more money on yer glass than the camera, and just skim over the instruction booklet and start pushing the shutter. good glass can last a lifetime and a new digital camera now is almost obsolete in five years or less. buy fast, prime lenses and use your feet to zoom. so hopefully that helps, and if not, stick to the point and shoots and buy a boat like the ditch.
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By locogringo
7d is very nice. If you really got fat, get a 5d and some L lenses.

All of those cameras will take really nice pictures. Spending less on camera and more on lenses is not a bad way to go. There are some nice 3rd party lenses available as well.

Not a thing wrong with Nikon crop sensor cameras either.
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By riversquid
yeah I would like a boat , if I had a gal that could row and tow.. or pay for the gas and bait and beer and and and and and ....thats why I have friends with boats hehe

this may be for a business venture..
thanks for the imput

I dont have a ton to spend 1500 bucks for now...

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