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By NeedmoreDEET
Anyone played with both? I've got a few L's so I'm not intersted in flipping over to Nikon. I need to upgrade before business goes back to shit.

and some classic photography for your time
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By ditchdoc
The 7D is on my list. Played with my brother in laws' 7D. That's what sold me. I think the difference in price between the 5 and 7 is a huge selling point. The difference in performance is minimal, unless you're some type of pro. If I can sell my old 10D I'm getting one.
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By Squiggly
It really does just depend. I've played with both a good amount, and they are both very powerful. If I was going to buy a Canon right now, it would be the 7D purely due to weight concerns. If I could have two canons, I'd own both the 7D and the 5D. The 7D would see more use of the two. It's really just about weighing out the pro's & con's for your specific needs. If you haven't already, read up on both as much as you can, and definitely make sure the reading includes the review/overviews of them on
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By locogringo
If I already owned L glass and had the money for a 5d, that is what I would get. I have the 7d, but I already owned cropped sensor glass when I bought it. It is a great camera, and I love it. The focal ranges on the L glass were made for full size sensor cameras. You have to apply a 1.6x conversion factor to the focal length of your L glass to determine what field of view you will have on the 7D. You may already know all of this.
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By vaku
ditch if the $100 bux you'll get for a 10d is the difference, then you aint getting a 7d :cool

There are a couple of main differences between the two. The sensor is the major one to me, and there are some video differences that unless your trying to do professional level video, won't mean anything to you.

I own a 5d and a couple of 5dMII's. I am toying with the idea of adding a 7d, purely for bts ( behind the scenes ) video shooting. It would otherwise get very little use other than as a back up to the back up.

Having said that, that is my POV as a professional ( and I really should have the bigger camera up from the 5dMII ). The 7d is just not professional and the crop sensor makes it a major no go for me. When I got my first 5d and started to shoot full frame again, I felt like my vision had returned. Shooting on a crop frame sensor had dulled my pov and it never seemed 'quite' right. not saying i didn't take some great photos with the 10 and 20 d's but they felt off all the time. full frame is all I will ever shoot again, unless i need the back up.

so, my take on this is, if you have the scratch, get the 5dMII. your 'L' glass will thank you.

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By NeedmoreDEET
Thanks for the responses. I'm like Ditch, I've been lugging around an old 10D for years. It takes decent shots, but it is starting to show its limitations. I grew up shooting an old Canonflex SLR from my early teens. I could get razor sharp pictures even at slow shutter speeds. Lately, I'm getting irritated by the autofocus - I can't seem to get a sharp shot to save my life in anything other than bright sunny conditions.

I'll probably hop on the 5DII. :cool
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By NeedmoreDEET
So the wife bought me 5D Mark II, but haven't had too much time to play with it. The thing that jumps out is the high ISO performance - crazy when compared to my 10D.

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