Monthly photo contests will be the feature of this forum. Discussions of photographic techniques, gear, software, etc will (hopefully) discussed here.
With the awesome help of the Sideshow Emporium in Dolores, Colorado,
i am hanging my very first solo photography show. It opens Saturday May 28th, 2011
and will be on display through(i think) the middle of July.
If you can't make the opening celebrations, please consider stopping
in to check out the digs if you happen to be passing through Duh-lo-res.
copi_sideshow_one.jpg (168.58 KiB) Viewed 3937 times
Drakiens and non-drakien lurker types are all humbly invited to
come harass the photographer, stare at some photos on a wall
and listen to some kick ass music, provided by John Whipple
It should be a good time. I'll be hanging twenty pieces, both
black and white and color work.
It'll be my first day, so be real critical and argumentative,
calling me out on every shortcoming you can find, this way i'll have lots of experience
for when i make it to the big apple. MOMA here i come!!

Pink is for sarcasm, right?

If i get my ducks in a row as planned, i'll be exploring some most likely blown out fishing
options in the area for a few days beforehand and possibly afterwards, so if anyone
wants to get papparazzi'd on the water, just holler...

thanks fer lookin'
fullwells wrote:shouldn't it read photographer/dirtbag?...
i'll look into that.
it's been more dirtbag as of late, but yer right.
patching the crotch hole in my waders today at the shop all i could smell was dry piss...
i can smell the stink of my socks everywhere...need to do laundry.
but i just bought shampoo the other day. and used it.
and i just cleaned my i'm kinda going places...
good onya for the PHW...
Those look great Ill- any chance you have an online slide show we can see? I'm afraid my travels are going to feel like I'm everywhere but 4 corners this year.
slss, no slideshow. i had been meaning to put one together of winter stuff. i would still like too, but sometimes everything gets in the way of everything...
honestly, a little over 50% of the stuff i am hanging is on my website(s). peep it here - and the blog thanks fer lookin!!

p.s. everything is way better live and in print, as i'm sure you know...
illcentrifugal wrote:not quite familiar with the goob season. please enlighten me.
but i am familiar with self-promotional materials...shameless ones at that.
best seen live for the full shameless self promotional effect.

What are these? They look like small gallery wraps or maybe some kind of box?

Good luck, man.
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