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By Vito
SLSS wrote:Man-up Skank and wear that shirt for every report this year. :cool
I like that idea. I enjoy a yearly theme.
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By P-A
Sage and Hatch was truelly tested by a robin last time in NZ and they were so awsome that
he flew of with it.... The story of the Robin that became a kingfisher.
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By Yard Sale
Say what you want about Skankins 3rd grade art class tie dye shirt, hoodies in socal is a FAIL of the highest order. Sorry Blump....
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Yard Sale wrote:Say what you want about Skankins 3rd grade art class tie dye shirt, hoodies in socal is a FAIL of the highest order. Sorry Blump....
Poor boy lives in the desert.... socal surf prolly felt like Yukon on winter.
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By jhnnythndr
Bruce!!! He's back! And here I thought this thread had lost it's focus
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By jhnnythndr


Since Blumpkin already won this contest (what reel did you pick?), I thought maybe this thread could be about my fingernail, or maybe work-related injuries in general. I could post weekly or maybe even daily updates. We could follow the evolution and eventual loss of this once proud fingernail. The changing coloration and shape is quite fascinating. Then maybe someone with computer skills could make a sweet time lapse video of all the shots.

Hey mods, could we change the thread title to "The Cuticle Chronicles"?

This is how it looks today. It's a little over a month old, I think. This could last all summer.

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By jhnnythndr
I can't wait til get to the stage where you can peel it up a little and the soft wet new gooy little nail is under there!

So, out line for us a bit about the injury, how were you engaged at the time, what implement did you use to accomplish the injury etc. I mean I'm in, I'm following, but some guys might need a bit more of a hook to get personally committed to following yet another chronicles thread. sell it man. oh- and the mods- forget it, they never change the names of threads at all if you can believe that. I keep asking. that's actually what led to starting threads in the... was that I kept hijacking shit, and eventualy asking the mods to rename it, but they never would.
[report]Well since you asked, happy to oblige. It's all about posting content you know.

Here is the bastard lift that got me this time.


So, during the summer we do what is called "line work". It's one of my favorite things about the job, besides the powder skiing. We ride around on a work chair, stopping at every tower. We hoist or jack the rope up off of the sheave assemblies (the sheaves are the wheels on which the haul rope sits) in order to grease what needs greased and inspect all the components. So the sheaves are housed in "eveners" and "pair bars". In the photo, these are the black horizontal metal bars that are on either side of the sheaves. Each sheave has an axle going through it which is housed by the evener. Part of our inspection is to spin each sheave, making sure the bearings are good, there is no wobble, the rubber liner is ok, and just generally asking yourself "Would I let my mother ride this lift?"

Anyhoo, it must have been right after my trip to the Blackfoot, so it was the beginning of May. This particular lift is one of the first to undergo summer maintenance because we can't drive a truck to it. So we try to do it over the snow on snowmobiles. Sorry, "snowmachine" in Little Russia. So it was my first day back from a fishing trip and my first day of line work since last summer. We stop at the first tower for the day, roll a smoke - gotta ease into things ya know, no rush. After a delightful cigarette my colleague starting greasing on his end while I used a hydraulic ram to lift the rope off the sheaves on my end. I commenced spinning the first sheave of the hundreds I will inspect this summer. I like to get em spinning good and fast so I can hear and feel the bearing better and check the uniformity of the liner. It's also just fun to make things go fast.

Here is where I fucked up. I was using my fingertips to push on the flange of the sheave to make it spin. I was moving my hand pretty fast pushing the flange over and over. After one push I kept my fingers on the flange just an instant too long. The spinning sheave sucked my fingers up between the evener and the flange of the sheave (reference fig 12a - red arrow). There is not enough space for fingers to exist in there. I pinched three fingers pretty good. The longest, i.e. the one I use to flip people off, took the brunt of the force. My index finger fared surprisingly well. I attribute that to the fact that it already has a second-generation fingernail, the original having been lost due to misuse of a 15 lb deadblow during the construction of another aerial tramway.

So that's pretty much how it happened. I relearned a pretty basic rule. Use your palms to spin sheaves. Another useful tip: always take a dump BEFORE you get on the work chair.[/report]
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By jhnnythndr
See that kids, and now you know!! I guess they feel like they got that bake under control over on the east side huh? RFA gets awfully touchy at times- I think that being a mod stresses him out. I get the feeling that he wants to be just anohter guy, but sort of cant anymore, though he can front like he is a bit. Poor guy. Anyway- if they got it all sewn up, you may as well just go and fish, and as discussed- have no accountability...
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