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By blumpkin
CE... Thanks for the vote.
Your description of your work related injury was actually the highlight of this contest for me at least.
I am at work right now, but all I am thinking about is jumping in the blumpyota and driving to CO to party with
the summer of stoners bake crew. My lack of attentiveness at my relatively high risk job could result in a horribly disfiguring accident to either myself or one of my coworkers at any moment. I will do my best to document the resulting carnage to the best of my ability with pics and post it here in report form possibly with a theme related song like "pick up the broken pieces" by the Uber metal band Prong...
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DAmn Ethe, ya gave my belly a queaze with that nail. I rarely have stuff like that happen anymore- paint and brushes and rags being relatively low impact stuff. I did spend a fair amount of time doing carpentry at two different points in my "career", and fuck I don't miss those finger shots at all.

And Blump- have yo got word on being the winner?
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By Tailer
After spending a long, fruitless morning getting the finger from lazy brown trout on a wild section of the upper Chattooga I realized I fucking hate trout fishing. What a waste of time for a twenty inch fish that pulls like a toy poodle. At least the river keeps my beer cold.
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By CharlieJenkem
I dont mean to get in the middle of a perfectly good derail, (and Blump's a clear winner -congrats!) but can we spend a little more time addressing the use of a boga grip on a bass?


There have been some developments. This thing might come off much sooner than expected. The back edge is almost done growing out from under the skin. That edge is getting nice and flaky, just begging to be picked at, I can already get at some of the dried blood underneath. There is also some fresh blood seeping out in a few places. It's hard to tell from the shitty pic but there is also some green coloring underneath the nail. At the front of the nail, it won't be long until it's not attached any longer. This is when I get an urge to shove something under there and dig around. I love that shit. It's like touching your eyeball. Some people can't do it, others have no problem. I am of the latter ilk. I used to wear contacts so poking and prodding at my corneas was not big deal. But now I gots the laser eyeballs and it's all good.

I wonder where the leading edge of the new nail will be. Will it be under the white stripe in the middle or further back. Work has really been taking a toll on this thing the last few days. I can feel it getting more brittle and wanting to come off the nail bed. I predict it will come off at some point when I am removing a glove from my hand. Can I get an over/under on that?[/report]
By get er done
so this photo whoring competition pops up and I figures “hey we donts we go give el zorro blanco a shot dis afternoon, with a bunch topless strippers and nautilus reels?”….....”we could lure them with imaginings of huge bones and ogles of blow?” (after all this Miami or so I figured)

well long story short the wife put the kabachi into the plan so I decidedly pushed on with my fishing buddy………ah life must go on

lucky for us it was like the fucking bay of pigs……………

camarones lechón...................

fish kept coming to hand.................desmenuzadoras de cangrejo

this made to be a common sight......................



but in all seriousness if any of you assholes want a bullet proof wading machine that you can treat like shit, never wash, and expect a smooth ass drag day in day out…………………these reels are da tits.
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That is pretty awesome.
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By jhnnythndr
That's shunned CE. Bookiemitch.aus

He's the one who'll give you the over under.

To me that scenario seems limely. But then one can't forget the human factor. I'm a picker and a prodder too. I would undoubtedly have thtat thing off 4-6 days too soon. Thusly allowing myself to experience that particularly exquisite pain of prematurely exposed nailbed, and increasing the odds of the new nail being deformed for 6 or so months. Nope. Im betting it comes off one evening, whilst being fucked with
Something fun happened last night. I was taking a shower and water got under the nail or the first time. There was a whole bunch of dried blood and other shit in there. The water loosened it up and it started to leak out the back. I thought it was pretty cool so I started pushing on it. Well, I was able to milk out about a gram of black tar goodness. It was fucking cool. Smelled peculiar as well. Smelled like....I better not say it. I wish I could have gotten a photo, but well, I was in the shower and all.

I miss bonefish.
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