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By Shufisher
Sorry, this is an advice post.
Why would posting an image via photobucket change my photo from this...
A good start.jpg
A good start.jpg (333.23 KiB) Viewed 2257 times
To this?

For your trouble.
Tasty treat.jpg
Tasty treat.jpg (30.8 KiB) Viewed 2257 times
By Blackice
Sometimes my photobucket pics get screwed up like that too. Probably has to do with the sizing they have vs. what your original photo was. Once downzised on photobucket you can't revert back to original size w/o re uploading it.
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By locogringo
I would say there was a color space conversion in there somewhere. Which one is correct from a color standpoint?

What is the process of getting your photo into Photobucket? Do you upload direct from your hard drive or do you export with some software?
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By Shufisher
The top one is the correct version and the one that was uploaded direct from my hard drive to Photobucket.

Thanks dudes.
Perhaps you had a few sips from the above before you realized what happened ? I will offer you a free tuition in the SOBF photography school if you come back to Maine....just keep clicking !!!
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By Shufisher
Give a drunk guy a camera... :cool
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By Lenny
Im sorry, what was the question?
Give a drunk guy a camera.
Just keep clicking...that is what I heard
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By locogringo
Shu, these two pics look the same on my i phone. On my laptop, the top one looks like the colors are wrong and the bottom looks good. Try viewing it in Firefox and see what you see. I am using Firefox which is a color managed browser. I think the photo from your hard drive has a color space other than sRGB assigned to it. Probably from the PS CS2 software. Photos on the web should be sRGB so that non color managed applications can deal with them.
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