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By NeedmoreDEET
Have you guys seen this? Crazy...

Check out the sample pictures. You can click enywhere in the picture and it will focus on that portion of the shot.
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By Dude
Saw an article about this last night. These things are amazing. Wouldn't be surprised if this is the future of photography if they can work out any kinks that might exist.
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By WanderingBlues
Fascinating and addictive. I'd like to see somone like OP review it.
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By illcentrifugal
Dude wrote: Wouldn't be surprised if this is the future of photography
more like the demise of photography, in 3D, shot in HD RAW, 48 fps.
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By upshitscreek
illcentrifugal wrote: more like the demise of photography,
aw hell, we already stepped off that cliff a while back. might as well enjoy the wind in your hair on the way down. :cool

i looked at their gallery on the site hoping to be wowed. that was weak stuff. real weak.
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By NeedmoreDEET
I agree that the gallery on their site was pretty lame, but if you search around the web there are some other photographers using this system with pretty amazing results. It's nitch stuff I think. You still need to pick a specific point of focus for prints, but it's a game changer for on-line stuff.

It's only for Mac at present or I might have picked one up.
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