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By Dogo De Bourdeaux
My trusted fishing buddy! until she gets tired!
Chimay fishing.JPG
20 moth old French mastiff
Chimay fishing.JPG (144.36 KiB) Viewed 3185 times
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By Sakonnet
That must feel good for the both of you.
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By unskunkable
There is a post at the top of the general discussion board that you should read.

There is probably one on a beastiality site about not posting pics as well.
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By Bruiser
until she gets tired. ha ha.
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By shunned
my dear chap, you find yourself amongst the truest of fans regarding canines and fine photography.
oh the joy of finding another like-minded enthusiast!
though I find the nature of the photo is somewhat a tongue in cheek deflection of an otherwise hackneyed genre, I assure you the slack line symbolism is not lost on us.

good show, man! huzzah!

:cool :cool :cool
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By WanderingBlues
Well, this site does have an infinity for gingers.
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By tailchaser
Dogo De Bourdeaux wrote:After going over more pictures and posting I realize this definetly a different forum!
no shit, sherlock.
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By tailchaser
Dogo De Bourdeaux wrote:Tail chaser you are right so go and fuck yourself inbred !
Do you use peanut butter? Or do they just know how to please master?
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