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already spoke there last year...
I am assuming by "speaking", you mean an intrepretive mix of gestures and feces throwing, mixed with sitting on a grassy hillside and sniffing your fingers?

TFO contacted me to let me know they had to delete my sheep/LenH1/crying picture because you threatened a lawsuit. It would have won the contest otherwise, douchebag. I would have sent you the booty, and we would both have never worked another day in our lives if you hadn't. don't work anyway.

Fucking Cops.
By LenH1

I have been retired since 2003.

I run a halfway house part time these days for people coming out of prison.

I look forward to meeting you some day.
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Slamming a pair of 2's on the table in Vegas, as always.

No one gives a shit about your philanthropic work. You are a worthless troll who burned his bridge here 3 dozen times. Let's not somehow play the " I volunteer, so I should be given a pass" card now, Len.

I look forward to meeting you too. I will look for the fat gorilla gill fucking trout and chucking them back into the stream from 10 feet away.
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By shunned
if his rehabilitation career is anything like his police one he spends most of his time hiding in the closet.

sue me.
I've more wonga than God.
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By Hogleg
LenH1 wrote:RFA

I have been retired since 2003.

I run a halfway house part time these days for people coming out of prison.
Why does that not surprise me? Fucking sick and frightening to think what must go on there with Ol' Uncle Lenny taking advantage of desperate and vulnerable reformed criminals. Please slither back into your hole.
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By shunned
this is what happens when you bump the tosspot, float.
what the fuck were you thinking?

sue me, cunt:

Inmates Release Deputy Held Hostage 16 Hours
October 22, 1991

MADISON, WIS. — Three inmates who overpowered guards at the county jail during a bungled escape attempt freed a deputy sheriff Monday, ending a 16-hour standoff. Deputy Judy McReynolds, 25, suffered head, knee and face injuries and was removed from the jail on a stretcher after the inmates surrendered to FBI agents, Dane County Sheriff Richard Raemisch said. ''Her condition appears to be pretty good,'' he said. The standoff on the seventh floor of the City-County Building began Sunday night when the inmates overpowered McReynolds and Deputy Leonard Harris, 35.

Harris escaped during a fight with the inmates.

ps. sue me, you fucking coward cunt.
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By shunned
normally I'm quite pleasant.
By LenH1
One of 28 presentations I have done at local schools for FREE.


My own form of "Trout In The Classroom"

My next free presentation will be in Sauk Prairie on 21 April.
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By shunned
LenH1 wrote:One of 28 presentations I have done at local schools for FREE.

well here's your money back.
now piss off.
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