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By Hogleg
Word, this shit has had me rolling all day. Carry on please.
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By blumpkin
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By shunned
it pleases me immensely knowing that a fat bastard like you will die of a massive coronary within the next 10 years.

seriously. I hope the pressure's that extensive they find one of your eyeballs on your cheek and the other in your nappy.
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By BearsFan
Fuck, speaking in Rockford. Made the big time!
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By FredA
BearsFan wrote:Fuck, speaking in Rockford. Made the big time!
:gun :gun x2
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By BearsFan
Fred, hope you got a chance to drive over and watch it.
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By FredA
BearsFan wrote:Fred, hope you got a chance to drive over and watch it.
It's this coming wednesday at 7pm. I have a bowel movement planned for that time slot so probably not. :coffee
By Truchero
shunned wrote:this is what happens when you bump the tosspot, float.
what the fuck were you thinking?

sue me, cunt:

Inmates Release Deputy Held Hostage 16 Hours
October 22, 1991

MADISON, WIS. — Three inmates who overpowered guards at the county jail during a bungled escape attempt freed a deputy sheriff Monday, ending a 16-hour standoff. Deputy Judy McReynolds, 25, suffered head, knee and face injuries and was removed from the jail on a stretcher after the inmates surrendered to FBI agents, Dane County Sheriff Richard Raemisch said. ''Her condition appears to be pretty good,'' he said. The standoff on the seventh floor of the City-County Building began Sunday night when the inmates overpowered McReynolds and Deputy Leonard Harris, 35.

Harris escaped during a fight with the inmates.

ps. sue me, you fucking coward cunt.

You left a woman behind to be brutalized for 16 hours by group of inmates??

Under otherwise normal conditions, I don't give a fuck what you do, what you have done, or what you post. I've never felt compelled to join in on the group fist-fucking you seem to enjoy so much.

On the other hand...

Having spent two years as a medical officer in a maximum security prison some 25 years ago, I still remember that among the "nevers" that one never does is LEAVE A FELLOW OFFICER BEHIND DURING ANY KIND OF INMATE UPRISING.

The fact that it was a woman (taking this opportunity to say that women have NO place in male security institutions) only makes your reprehensible cowardice that much more reprehensible.

No wonder you're the way you are. There's shit wrong with you that pills simply can't fix.

On a brighter note, "...opportunity for cheese sauce?" was fucking genius.
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By shunned
we weren't just being mean, mate.

he's a dickhead.

:Roll Eyes
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By blumpkin
The simplicity and genius of the Chapter 24: HOT DOGS slide has had me laughing
at odd moments for 2 days now.
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By upshitscreek
LenH1 wrote:it may be entertaining to a few but it shows the fishing world how truly dysfunctional and juvenile adult men can be.

These types of posts prove my opinion without me saying anything.
little baby jesus asked me to pass this on to you...

"from one martyr to another..."

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By Float Rod
Trust me Mitch, I would never bump this asshole, was simply noting after he posted more shitty photos.

Len, aren't you breaking some agreement with the famed, syndicated Gary Enberg? who you promised not to return to this site.
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