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By tailchaser
fatsquatchbravory.JPG (35.54 KiB) Viewed 1721 times
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By tailchaser
I love the videos.
fatsquatchironface.JPG (36.22 KiB) Viewed 1716 times
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By Nemeth
Hogleg wrote:"So you've shit in your waders, now what?"
I laughed so hard, I cried....thank you hog, I needed that.

Charlies "Hoagie Runs through it" had me spewing coffee too, this is a great thread.
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By Walter
An attempt to build on Charlie's hilarity:

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By Nemeth
Walter wrote:An attempt to build on Charlie's hilarity:

We may be Juvenile, Immature, and whatever else this shit head says about us....but damn it's funny.

"descent into my fupa", that's classic....
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By shunned
anyone who (always) wears a hat indoors is a fucking numpty twat.

it shows a lack of respect and a complete void of manners.
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By blumpkin
Fucker didn't get that fat by displaying proper table etiquette.
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By shunned
I think you'll find it's glandular.

a giant, fuck off glandular pizza.
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By Bruiser
blumpkin wrote:The simplicity and genius of the Chapter 24: HOT DOGS slide has had me laughing
at odd moments for 2 days now.
yeah I just discovered this thread and can't stop laughing.
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By Springfed
shunned wrote:this is what happens when you bump the tosspot, float.
what the fuck were you thinking?

sue me, cunt:

Inmates Release Deputy Held Hostage 16 Hours
October 22, 1991

MADISON, WIS. — Three inmates who overpowered guards at the county jail during a bungled escape attempt freed a deputy sheriff Monday, ending a 16-hour standoff. Deputy Judy McReynolds, 25, suffered head, knee and face injuries and was removed from the jail on a stretcher after the inmates surrendered to FBI agents, Dane County Sheriff Richard Raemisch said. ''Her condition appears to be pretty good,'' he said. The standoff on the seventh floor of the City-County Building began Sunday night when the inmates overpowered McReynolds and Deputy Leonard Harris, 35.

Harris escaped during a fight with the inmates.

ps. sue me, you fucking coward cunt.

Anything could have happened. Details are sparse. The issue here, Len, is that you fail to understand "benefit of the doubt" is not a right, but an earned illustration of character. I don't know you enough to say anything personal, but from previous posts, you certainly have not earned "benefit of the doubt" here, as has been exhibited above.

PS I love Wisconsin
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