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Dear dog, can't a guy get jrunk, post some random shit on teh suck, then go fishing for a week and forget about said post in peace? Jeez...

Subject is Glass. Can be windshield glass, fiberglass, mirror, sunglasses, whatever...

Due by 8/15. Previous winner chooses the next winner. New winner makes the next assignment. Seems like 2 weeks is appropriate for this group. Last rule: NO FUCKING NEWBS till you post an intro in the proper place.

Average Joe picks the first winner since he dropped homegrowns already.

Seem fair? Remember, gotta be new chit.
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By Hogleg
[report]Nothin' special here but I like this idea so I'll get the ball rolling.
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Full disclosure: a friend of mine took these last two while we were on a trip to Fla. I thought they might inspire some 'reflection in the glass' or 'what's behind the glass' type shit from you knuckleheads.
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By Lando
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By factumumbra
As a NEWB, where would you like the proper Intro Post to occur.
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By foureyedgeek
Not down here.
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By Average Joe
To say that the response to this weekly assignment has thus far been tepid would be giving you all way too much credit: less than a week to go and only two submissions (thanks Hog and Lando). If I didn’t know any better I’d think it was a fly swap. I should probably just declare Smithhammer the winner and be done with it. The Drake truly does suck.

I know that Yard said no prizes, but as a way of inspiring more of you to pick up your cameras and submit a photo, I’m prepared to offer the winner of the first weekly assignment the following rare and valuable commodities:

- Not one, but TWO Cohiba Pequenos cigars.
- Not one, but TWO airline-sized bottles of bourbon.
- Six average flies tied or purchased by yours truly.
- A coozie someone gave me from someplace I’ve never heard of.
- A rare, one-of-a-kind tarpon poster, autographed by all of the Drake moderators.
- A gold star.
- Something else, I can’t remember now.
- My neighbor’s cat, if there’s any room left in the box.

My usual approach when trying to motivate people is to say something along the lines of “Do it or don’t, I could give a fuck either way.” I suspect that this attempt at bribery will work about as well as that does. I'll therefore keep my expectations in the gutter, between the empty ripple bottles and the dog shit.
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By Pancho Rancho
LCHOGKokes 008.jpg
LCHOGKokes 008.jpg (63.45 KiB) Viewed 4658 times
Don't send pussy.
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By foureyedgeek
Average Joe wrote:To say that the response to this weekly assignment has thus far been tepid would be giving you all way too much credit:
Jeez dad I'm working on it.
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By Average Joe
Native Chaser wrote:fuk a prize, i shoot for glory and fame (and hdr)
I can tell that that's worked out real well for you.
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By foureyedgeek
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I think that's fixin' to change.

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