Monthly photo contests will be the feature of this forum. Discussions of photographic techniques, gear, software, etc will (hopefully) discussed here.
the problem with sweatshop flies is not there material composition, quality of work, or even effectivness of the patterns. it lies deeper, in a void of creativity, that will surely deny the art that inspires us all.

support your local fly tier today.

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By Veetch
I'll throw a pic in... However, after reading some of the posts and appreciating the sentiments, if for some reason one of our pics is chosen we can always elect to pay it forward and set up an auction to benefit Sage or some other noble cause with the winnings. Stick it to the man to the end and turn that frown upside down.
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By Ramcatt
The fly tye sweatshop Master should make a matching donation ofthe flies to PHWFF
Along with winner donating the flies

Or take a pic of their dog grumpping on the box

And fuck the asshats
[report]How about some bonefish flies.

If I win they are going up for auction and the money is going to benefit Sage.

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By Adams
RFA wrote:If Meatwad doesn't win for the Woly Dugers photo, there is no justice.

The hopers bin was my favorite.

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