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By Fleet Daddy
"the image you tried to download is invalid".....This has become a frustrating game....I have been unable to post some pics from this camera........Are there file size limits or what is the problem.....I am able to post pics in FB, Wordpress and some others.....BTW, these have been adjusted in CS6 and saved to JPEG via TIFF files.....Any suggestions appreciated.....

Is 1200 pix H by 1200 pix W the answer

Good DOG!
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By NeedmoreDEET
If you are trying to post on the Drake, I think this site has limits of 800px - at least that's what I re-size to.
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By Fleet Daddy
It is 1200 by 1200 pixels maximum........posted different sizes and this is the maximum

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By upshitscreek
i'd look at your file size. for this place, resize to 700+ -850 pixels wide and then make sure you slide down the quality of the the jpeg image to a middle of the road 5- 7 in PS when you save the resized pic. all you need are files in the 100-150k range for web at that pixel size. the rest is just a waste that your monitor and eye won't discern.

if it's not that, no idea. good luck.
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By tailchaser
just use an image host.

that'd be the easiest way.
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