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You should buy a mirrorless camera. Without worrying about exposing film to light there's no reason ta have a mirror in those things. No mirror means you put the glass closer to the sensor, equates better picture with smaller sensor. I recon Fuji has one that's weatherproof to an extent, but not waterproof. There are some rad waterproof housings for cameras not attached to iPhones out there. As for the Olympus, my buddy had one and he lost it in a river right away. This has me questioning long term reliability.
One of those arrived here this am. I am sure it can't replace the quality or place of the Canon but I believe I will be able to take some neat shots that I would not be able to without it. Hard to have an SLR around your neck while standing on a poling tower or while trying to tail a frisky steelhead. Look forward to getting it on the river this week. Put the strap around my neck or put a belt through the loop and keep the camera in a easily available pocket. Waterproof to way deeper than any place I fish.
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austrotard wrote:I got a red one.
Switch hands and use more lube.
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