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By Nemeth
Len, that was very weak, you did not paint the picture, the story did not flow well, your descriptors were very basic. It was very bland to say the least, like ice tea with no sugar. You once said to me that "boobs, pie, and porn don't mix well with real articles", well Bob White's articles mix just fine with what we do around here, but then again, he can actually write. Just some constructive critisism.

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LenH wrote:I am actually quite surprised that a REAL writer (Bob White) even
writes in here.

A Class Act he is....

A diamond hanging around with coal I guess.

I am a story teller...Not a writer.

You want a writer look at Bob's stuff.
Some of Bob's stuff in here.
With a little story teller sprinkled in.

PS: Do you really think your opinions (Boobs & Pies) are worth anything?

Way to use the sympathy card to get put on a respected website
LenH wrote:New section added to Featured Writers Area

(Boobs & Pies)

I don't see any of your stuff in there
why did you even put this on here we don't care this is the photo board
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how'd you catch that out of the grass? Wheres the water? :spam
By DayTripper
LenH wrote:I am standing in the water (just got done netting the fish)
Alex: Reason I do such things should be quite obvious.
I have no idea, other than it's your own way of fucking with these guys.

Honestly, seems like you like the attention. Why not start your own website? It's free, Then you won't have to go from site to site posting your stuff.
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By The Volfish
Please move this to General Discussion and rename thread: TroutSpace
By nllaeder
LenH wrote:this a free world and a site (without rules)

if porno is accepted here?

Why not me?

If little boyz can act like adults here?

Why can't I post here?

Obvious enough for you?
Free world, eh? Heard of Darfur?

Porno isn't accepted any more. Used to be, but that'll get the G&G Forbidden image slapped up.

This is a site without rules. Until Nemo, G&G, or Jed says you can't, you can post your shit here. It is obvious why you do so, but the line that any publicity is good publicity doesn't really hold true in this case.

You'll not get much business from here, I'd wager.

Plus, your obvious lack of concern for the environment that you exploit makes us all hate you. Plus, you're a douchebag.
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