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By jerome
Kinnickinick wrote:why don't we do like asshat. send you thoughts on why you won't tune in, and support their advertisers to

i sent mine, and i will get many more to do the same.
but he is pretty much the same guy you see on the shows from that area on Vs. and Outdoor channel..... cant wait to whack a fish in the head... life is all about making up for a small cock to some.... :coffee
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By Kinni
nah, i'll just send it to whomever. if you have croonies there(which i doubt) maybe it will get to someone who may not buy into your bullshit. if it works, great. if not, at least we tried. but money talks. get enough people to boycott b/c of you, and no matter who's in your circle jerk, the bottom line will leave you behind.
By nllaeder
AlexC wrote:how's that working out for you, Len?

Dude, didn't you read the rest of the messages, he's fucking famous. He's been published in those Tricolor printed newspaper outdoor magazines, and on LOAF, and he's going to be on the TV. The TV, man.

He's so famous, he just comes here to show his adoring fans what he's up to. Which, of course, is just more bullshit blatant self-promotion.
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By formerguide
I bet when he responds to this he makes absolutely no sense at all. He's trying to beat us with his intellect, which is "Franks and Beans! Have you seen my weiner?"

You prick- made me laugh out loud and got caught at work...
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By Nemeth
My bad, but it was kinda hitting the nail right on the head.
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