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By E. Subvaria
My pentax dslr has a floating sensor, no need for a tripod to get the shakes out.

I don't get why nikon and canon charge the hell out of you to pay for the name on the body, don't give you anti shake in the body, then charge the hell out of you for an anti shake lens. Lame ass in my book.

BUt if you've got the ching to spend no worries.
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By woolly bugger
this guy has got it figured out...

The Show and Tell

I'm always conflicted on carrying photo gear and taking pictures vs. fishing and carrying the pocket p&s Olympus. I've lugged the D-100 and taken some good shots with it, but I'm still concentrating on the fishing not the photography. And as far as publishing on the web it's impossible to tell the difference (after photoshop) between the 1030sw and the D-100. To do it right, I would take the Nikon with a tripod and leave the rod at home and just shoot my friends fishing... nah, it'll never happen.

I use the low-pro slingshot case to carry the DSLR under my vest and I can swing it around in front to get access to the camera, and then swing it around on my back where it's fairly safe.
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By Ginseng Sullivan
in response to e sub- i don't have or use the vr stuff and with a cam that is worth about $400 and a lens about the same nikon is no big investment. good glass = good photos if proper technique is used. that's why i like nikon; killer, cheap glass available everywhere.

you can take pics and fish you just have to think about both things all the time. :bomb
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By troutphisher

I don't know what type camera you want to purchase, but if your looking for something cheap "under $300" then it's more likely going to be a quick shoot digital camera. Then one I use is the pentax optio W30. I use this camera for the water proof feature, but the macro feature isn't bad. The only draw back is the focus in the macro mode. It doesn't auto focus quickly, and sometimes it brackets in the wrong viewing area. This is not a problem with still images, but it's a hassle when trying to photograph insects on the move, or when you need a quick focus feature.

I have another camera, that is in the $200 dollar range, but doesn't have the water proof feature. It's Panasonic Lumix LZ3. This camera has a very good macro option, with a very quick auto focus. It's faster than the pentax.

This is a picture I took in the macro mode using the pentax optio.
It's a sulphur caught in a spider web, note the sulphur is not in the center of the focus, but instead the camera focused on the left side of the web, near the sulphur. It's one of the draw backs to the pentax optio.

By Heckler
The optio is a SWEET macro P&S Cam. Here is a stone and a female trico i took a while back. Practice mang! You can get as close as .5" away from the subject. Just sayin'
bluwin10.jpg (72.53 KiB) Viewed 1236 times
stonef10.jpg (66.71 KiB) Viewed 1235 times
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By Heckler
upon further inspection...GS is correct it is a female trico. My bad. Good looks GS.
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By nympho
Keep moving, nothing to see here.


Just wanted to see how these held up when transferred from camera through the interwebs



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By Ramcatt
nympho wrote:Keep moving, nothing to see here.


you really should see a doctor for that...
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By Outcast
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By Outcast
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By jdub
Ginseng Sullivan wrote:

nikon d70 nikkor 105 micro lens f16 1/500th on board flash set to -1 full frame (not cropped) #24 trico on the water (maybe 3/16" body lenght).
Realizing this thread is three years old....did you pick the 105 over the shorter lenses for any specific reason?

For about 1/2 the price you can get either the DX 85mm VR or the FX 60mm...the 60mm is a 2.8 but no VR while the DX is a 3.5.

I don't see ever getting out the DX format but I'd like a lens to get those up close and personal kind of shots. Currently run a D90. Too bad I can't grab all three and take them to the river for a test run.

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