kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By _9er
[report]New Years Resolution: post more content
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By Lando
Streamer wrote:
Never seen the Barber Midge before. How about a better look or even a SBS? That looks like it would kill on the S. Holston.
Thanks, P-A. Happy New Year!
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By BearsFan
_9er wrote:[report]New Years Resolution: post more content
9er, you know I am a professional fly tester right? That looks pretty good!
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By tb3.
Laid up with some head cold/sinus nastiness, figured I'd blow my gift certificate to the local flyshop and play around with some tubes and such.

smalliesculpin.jpg (96.02 KiB) Viewed 525 times
First attempt. Need to work on getting things sparser, but it'll fish.
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By Streamer
I got some new CCG goodies and some new tying stuff. This is what I made. The end.


Yer Pal,
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By slapshot
T.J. Brayshaw wrote:Hoping for my first musky this spring...
Let's make this happen :cool
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By CharlieJenkem
Saw this on ghey book of all places. Shrimp cocktail for poon.
Eyes are 40# mono, craft beads, and goo.


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By fishpimp
Filling up with these the last few weeks...
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By crabtops
Been avoiding the tying bench like a pot hole because of some swap flies looming over me but now that I knocked them out I got a little inspiration

tied a few sand eels for those humid June nights

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By _9er
9er, you know I am a professional fly tester right? That looks pretty good![/quote]

Thanks BF. Been working on those little bastards for a week or so, and am finally starting to get the hang of them. Would jump on the vise again tonight, but the Mrs. hit up the Victoria Secret semi annual sale today... :cool

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By BearsFan
In that cast I find it is best to let her "jump on it". You lucky fuck.
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