kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By Aguirre
fallen513 wrote:
root wad wrote:I am with you Charlie. I would have a hard time tying 2 of the same pattern but I would tie a few different ones. I plan to have the ones I've been tying chewed up in BC starting the 12th.


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By austrotard
shunned wrote:nearly got my ass handed to me by a scot today.
but towards the end of the twelfth round I come good.


to hell with you, traherne.
to. hell. with. you.

can someone please tell me where I acquired the pattern for this fly?
every recipe I found quotes two orange and two claret bodies... that's (kelson's) not the one I'm after.

I lost sooo much fucking information when the last pooter karked it.

new pooter dumb ass
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By root wad
The swap that keeps on giving. Arrived home from a week of fighting high water to find a care package from a most accomplished Drakian. Thanks Woven they will be cherished. I look forward to you seeing where they will live and sharing a run with you. :cool
clean as a whistle
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By fishpimp
They look like paintings, or like they've been painted on a hook- gorgeous. You's a lucky one Root.
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By austrotard
a salmon fly tyer goes to heaven and upon admittance sees hale, traherne, pryce-tannatt and dave carne sitting around a table tying flies.
salmon tyer says to st. peter 'fuck me... I didn't know dave carne was dead.'
"he isn't... that's god."
'oh. oh right.'
"god likes to take the piss, hey..." st. peter says "so when he's tying flies with the lads he likes to pretend he's dave carne."

hardy fucking hardy.

that's why we call him the saint, mate.
just don't tell him my speys were/are lost in the post, he'd be absolutely gutted.

By wovenstonefly
Subject: Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly Swap
austrotard wrote: blinky,
that's why we call him the saint, mate.
just don't tell him my speys were/are lost in the post, he'd be absolutely gutted.

Are you shitting me! Those were shipped at least 6 weeks ago and still nothing! Sorry for that. I should have shipped them when I shipped everyone else's flies. I'll make up for it.

I will admit, this salmon fly swap was the best thing I have ever done for My tying. I improved more during this swap than at any other point in I'm life.
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By overbrook
I'm just a lurker on threads like these and I feel like I'm intruding even just stepping in to say what beautiful work you guys do !!
I truly admire the skills you guys have!! :bow :bow :bow :bow
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By austrotard
woven aka the saint!

rest easy.
we're all good, mate. it arrived today.
not counting that batch of cigars postman pat are smoking, I'm undefeated.

you posted 4 january. damn.

thank you, mate. and the turkey's perfect... suppose I'll have to finish that fly some day.
you didn't really have to send me anything but I look forward to chucking them this (northern) autumn.

cheers, fellas.
By wovenstonefly
Damn, I thought it was gone for ever. The turkey is not perfect but hopefully it will work. After 3 months of waiting, (one for me and two for the post) I'm sure you ordered some anyway.
Glad it arrived.
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By Aguirre

This happened…


And we did it.

Did we ever see the final rod made from this experience?
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