kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
By wovenstonefly
Toward the end of this swap I started wondering what I was going to do with the flies I received. I wanted to do something special with them but could not decide what to do. Then I noticed another thread where Bob White was offering a Drakian discount on prints and thought "This is it". After checking out his site a few times I decided on this print "Double Digit" to accompany the fine flies I was lucky enough to get back. I originally thought I wanted to do all the work myself and I built a nice frame out of a couple pieces of alder that had been weathered a little. The frame looked good but I never got around to purchasing matting. Part of this problem was that I did not know where to get matting that big. I finally took it into a custom frame shop and got a matting quote. The wanted alot more than I was willing to spend at the time, so the frame went into the shed and the print went behind the tying desk.

During my move over the summer I remembered the print and decided I needed to do something with it. The couple years that the frame spent in the shed warped it to a point beyond repair so I started thinking of building a new one but never got around to it. Then about a month ago I noticed a new little framing shop not far from my house and i decided to check it out. the gave me a quote on the whole thing that was not much more than the matting quote had been a couple years ago so I decided to take them up on their offer. I picked the frame up tonight and was pretty happy with what I saw with the exception of the flies.

SLSS sent me a pm a year or two ago explaining in great detail how to mount flies so they would look really nice. Unfortunately, I lost the PM when the drake changed it's format. I decided to let them mount the flies and I wish I had not. The flies were pretty mangled and were mounted different than I had intended, however I did not explain what I wanted very well. I had to open up the picture and preen the flies so that my rain man brain would not freak out. I still do not like how the flies are mounted so some time in the near future I will mount them how I like but until then this is what it looks like.

sorry for the bad picture.

I would also like to write the pattern and the real name of the tier on the back of the frame by the fly each of you tied. If you guy's would be kind enough to PM me that info I would greatly appreciate it.
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By austrotard
I'm going to tie 'the cites fly' with all these eagle, heron and platypus feathers I have.
and I know what you're thinking... but I pulled the fur off one of these fuckers and there was a lying bastard of an austrian duck inside it.

by the by, (I reckon) that's a nelly bly and they call me bruce.
By wovenstonefly
If your curious about the flies in the frame, these are them. The exception is the flies tied by Charlie Jenkem. In the end I received two from Jenkem. the other was the Black Fairy. The Black Fairy is in the frame.

I know the flies tied by A-turd, Aggers, and Ginny. After that I am at a loss.

Edit: I Assume Roots is one of the ghost flies. Thanks to gifted book, I could probably figure out what one.
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By root wad
Alan, mine is a Major from Tolfrey.
By Aggers
Hey dickholes.
Hey Jed I forgot my password and I no longer have the old email. Fuck this new registration I want my shit back, help me out?

It's a GH Wovencockring, duh?
Great forking job too.
Do mine?
I off one thousand penny's.

Hope you shitbirds are good.
I'll holler.

Suck meat.

Aguirre the Wrath of God
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By fallen513
You've been logging in with the same password for 5 years..

Get your fuckin' shit together, turd.
By Aggers
fallen513 wrote:You've been logging in with the same password for 5 years..

Get your fuckin' shit together, turd.
Yeah with Aguirre's password, which I forgot.
How's the bait fishin hollow head?
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By austrotard
just run with aggers for fuck's sake.

we'll post whatever hate/love mail you think you've missed here.


hey fuckface,

have you got any jc?
no. you don't. because you didn't pick it up from the god damned post office.


love you,

ps. dave carne said your [sic] a queer.
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