kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By Rif_Raft
Some of the best trout fishing in the Uk is to be found on the large public reservoirs. The tekkers is to drift downwind, broadside in a boat, casting a team of 3 flies. On any given day a large percentage of these anglers, at sometime during the day would definately have a Diawl Bach somewhere on the leader. This little Welsh jem ( meaning little devil) has almost a cult following.

Davie has developed a variant for use on rivers, here he is demonstating the pattern, you really should include a few in your box. Davie Mcphail's skills at the vice have to be seen to be believed, check out his other patterns on his own youtube channel.

Looks like a great pattern . I may have to do a few in 16-18 though. I'm a simple guy who likes simple flies !!
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By fishpimp
Big fan of this guys work, addicted to his videos, and a super nice guy, too.
By DanielP
I am one of the Brit's who would not fish a reservoir without a box full of these little devils. Many successful variants out there but the original is still one of the best.

Hook: straight nymph hook (Kamasan B170 or 175 normally)
Thread: Red
Tail and throat: Red Game
Body: Peacock Herl ribbed with copper wire

Atleast I think that is pretty much the original, and interestingly I seem to remember it was actually developed as a river fly. It is absolutely awesome for buzzer/midge feeding fish on the big waters though. Will post up some of the variants I am tying up at the moment for a trip to one of the reservoirs at the weekend.

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By blackwater
Great Fly. Here is a version i have had good times with fishing in a team on stillwaters.
Very basic but the red mylar cheeks can make a big difference at times.
Diawl Bach 7.jpg
Diawl Bach 7.jpg (280.89 KiB) Viewed 2068 times
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By brownsville
Closer to the original dressing on a size 14, though this one has a flash back.


Any number of variants out there. Agreed about Davie McPhail, the man's a master.
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By Aguirre
Browntown, that's a wicked good fly right there.
Sparse, flashy, fully a fish catcher.
By Maslowsli
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