kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
By thalweg
I am rained out today and working on filling boxes. The last one turned out good and I am ready to do it again. Same deal, no clousers, spoons are cool. No flakes, no whiners. I would like to keep it at 12 dudes but if we get some heavy hitters with a good swap record I will make allowances. Deet has an automatic spot if he wants it. I know the holidays are coming up so I am open to suggestions on a due date. First drakian to get their flies in gets a prize. :cool
1. me, duh
2. deet -gotem
3. davenothere - got em
4. RFA -got em
5. unskunk- got em
6. franzen.-got em
7. Spudnik!
8. tailer- got em
9. trucha del mar - got em
10. fud- got em
11. my internet plumber sobf- got em
12. overbrook- got em
13. crabtops -got em
14 wharf rat- got em
15. Irly- wow those are nice.
16 bearsfan- got em

tailchaser- do a report where you go pick up the fucking litter you use as a navigational aid and I will let you in the next one.
While you are at it, might as well fill up a trash bag. Looks like your shoreline could use a clean up.
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I'm in. Let me know what you like. I've been on a big streamer kick, but they haven't been as effective in the backcountry lately. Things might heat up as we get into winter.

I'm ramping up the tying since I owe some thank you flies to a number of board members.
I'm in. How about a t-day deadline.
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By unskunkable
I'm in. It'll give me a reason to get behind the vise again
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By Spudnik
Heck, I've been dying to fish some saltwater and looks like I won't be getting back east this fall, so I'd like to be in if'n you'll have me. Let a brotha know.
By thalweg
Yep. looking good boys. Check the top post for updates as we go along. I am cool with a turkey day deadline, but I am not married to the idea. If someone wants more time speak up. :cool
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By befuddled
damn, I swore off swaps because I'm worse at getting to the post office than anybody on the Drake, but I'll join if there's a spot.
RFA wrote:In if you'll have me.
Dude, that's like the 3rd swap you've joined since the small floaties. You've completed the others. Seriously, how long does it take to tie a couple dozen tiny flies.

You are sucky.
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