kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.

What should we pick as the due date on this one, guys?

End of September
End of November
January 1
Anyone want to do a shrimp swap?.

SWAP CLOSED. 9 people, 2 flies for each of them except yourself is 16 flies per person. Due date is the End of Novemeber.

I figure 10 people, 2 flies per additional participant each. Shrimp-y shrimps. Tie any sort of shrimp you want. So long as someone, somewhere would call the fly a 'shrimp fly' then its acceptable no matter what sort of fish its intended to catch.

Updated swap rules:

1. Shrimp flies. If someone, somewhere has ever seriously referred to the fly as a shrimp fly it is acceptable no matter the intended species for which it is tied.
b) Each participant ties two (2) flies for every other participant. This means that with 10 participants each ties 18 flies, 2 for every participant other than themselves.
D. The flies need not be the same pattern(s). 18 shrimp flies of any type sent, 18 shrimp flies returned.
3 - No doubles because some people live in communist lands which disallow their use.
  • Doubles are ok. The communist living folk can suck it up.

1. Heero
2. austrotard
3. Average Joe
4. -------------------------------------
5. ak_powder_monkey
6. befuddled
7. fishpimp
8. BM Barrelcocker
9. Zor
10. brownsville

People who have quit:

2. Woolybug25

Other information:


Inspiration (shrimspiration - I crack myself up):







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By root wad
I would have to say there is absolutely no doubt that it has generated equal interest.
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By MTgrayling
Someday I would like to participate in a shitty fly swap.

That looks fun.
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By root wad
pbrstreetgang wrote:I would like to not sign up for this again
Perfect, it's all settled then. We just have to pick a date to not have our flies there. Let's give it at least 3 or 4 months so that everyone can really take their time not tying them.
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By austrotard
I would like nothing more than to post you a dozen west austrian prawns.
in fact... I think I will.

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By befuddled

Does this count?

your's are one hook shy of being treble hooks. Sketchy, sketchy stuff.
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