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Yo Yo Yo

Got two of the best packages by far today. First, Rick's beautiful muddlers arrived with THE STICKERS in kind. Everything is totally awesome with both. Thanks again for putting the stickers together. They came out really really good.

I also got heero's. No... i'm serious... I really did get heero's flies. They look great and came in a freshly used altoids box that smelled of mint. The package also got to my mailbox open with the box hanging out. So if there was anything else in there, I didn't get it.

Don't forget your koozies and return postage fellas. Everybody has been good on the return postage, but some of you forgot the koozie.

Here's the update.

1) Wooly
2) heero
3) flybug
4) kyped

5) befuddled
6) MaineDrifter
7) FredA
8) Blumpkin
9) Jessnuts
10) SLSS
11) Dizzydean
12) Adams
13) Ironman

PINK = Flies Received

Damn, lookit that. I'm not the caboose.

Now to make good on the bb sway from last summer.
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote:There was a crisp $5 note in there. Did you get that? It was in the Altoid box.
I did. Thanks.

It too, smells of mint. [\snaps open bill and sniffs]
I have never come in last... shipping wise on a swap.
Clyde has a Photo shoot in Cody, WY in less than a week.
I promise to ship, before I leave.

I think I moved during the Stinger Swap.
much better to ship before the move.
I will provide photo evidence of shipping.
Update please. We are a few weeks past the deadline. Nemo gave us a curve ball with the site being down, but no excuses now.

You can't have The Year of The Muddler without the farqing muddla's.

Opening Day of trout season is Saturday in my neck of the woods. Not real happy that I wont have a box packed full of muddlers like I planned on for it. [/sadface]
Legitimately and with photo documented proof I can get them out within the next 48 hours.

I sincerely apologize for the delay, but promise you ANY delay on my end is the result of a kamikaze leap of faith
to "live the dream" During the "Year of the Muddler"...

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