kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
southernstrain wrote:It sucks not being in but I say keep it how you had it. I for one don't want to tie 18 flies in the next few days before classes start.

Or wait til this one is complete and start another
Stay off that poontang and you could get something productive done.
Surly wrote:Looks like enough interest for a second, parallel swap. If W-bug doesn't mind I'll proctor it.

What say you, wooley?
In, without a doubt.

Let's do this. No more jumpin' rope and feeding chicken gyros to river otters.
Okay, we'll do a "Year of the Muddler, Round Two (For Those Slow on the Response)"

I'll put together a separate thread later today (we've a dusting of snow so Surly Jr's preschool is opening late. Hate MD)
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