kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
Not since the last post from the AK Chronicles have I felt this way about a post here on the suck. I am speechless, this thread is quite possibly the most beautiful thread in the world. Damn nice flies, and thanks for sharing.
Anybody know how to tie up a 25 fly tandem rig? Cause I'm gonna be tying for a week and then want to fish them all.....

Seriously, I'm makin the transition from nymph to swing and needed exactly this to send me in the right direction.

Muchas, muchas danke sir! :cool
THE most badass shank prawns in the west, compliments of the Cap'n's mad skills. i've seen tailout fish move 15 feet to inhale these fuckers.
bad ass shank prawns.
mishlerprawn001.jpg (9.23 KiB) Viewed 2330 times
. I tied them up yesterday morning and took the pictures yesterday after I got out of work
You are shitting us right? You tied them up in one morning? Fuck me. I couldn't tie a dozen Woolly Worms in one morning? I need a new hobby. Wanna buy a vise?
MD, yes I am bullshitting you. I have more bullshit than flies actually. The thread is probably close to a years worth of work. Tie a few, take some pictures, tie a few more, take some more pictures.

Rhyacophila, It is a problem with image shack. I just looked at them and the ones you listed showed up for me but some other ones did not. Wait a bit and they will come back. Pain in the ass for sure. :gun

Some of you guys posted some cool flies. Anyone else have some flies, post them.
Glista, golf pats all around(as if I played golf). Inspirational as I've started to tie spey/steelhead streamers of my own the last week. Nowhere near as pretty though. Those matuka ties remind me of the first flies my dad taught me to tie as a kid (20...25years ago). Back then it was a common fly to use for trout, then the woollybugger was invented(the woollyworm had already existed but just had a little tag butt if anything). Didn't see matukas at all after that. Makes good sense for spey flies though. Thanks for the post. Oh yeah, the Jacob's Coat made me throw up.
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