kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By Outcast
Ruh Roh Shaggy!
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By PbSlinger
Hydrocarbon Hal do you tie your fly? Are you using the Chenille to tie in the Poly Yarn?
Yes. Boobs please.
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By PbSlinger
Fellas, I've been hammering the shit out of the carp in the river with a Foxee Clouser of late. Flybug.PA rolled it up for the carp swap. Right now the water is VERY low and clear. They're eating it for some reason. I've never used the Foxee before. Anyone use 'em? Discuss.....
By Hydrocarbon Hal
I've never had any luck with foxees for carp. I prefer the foxy over the standard deer hair, but I've never managed to catch any carp on one.

I like to tie a modified copper john on about a number eight hook with some black and white silli legs. The water in my neck of the woods is flowing and around 2 feet deep. The fly sinks at a good rate and has good visibitly.

PBSlinger...I whipped us a couple of your flies and wrangled this beast yesterday. We had a front move in last night and the fish were going nuts trying to eat.

I caught a smaller carp in some really skinny water on a stimulator I tied with a tungsten bead tied in the center for weight.
Brazos_II.jpg (73.07 KiB) Viewed 1707 times
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By PbSlinger
Glad to see the Toad worked for you. I like the Toad for bunches of reasons.....Those wings really make the fly land softer, even if you've got some heavier eyes on her. Also, it's easy for me to see and seeing the fly through the majority of the column is more important to me than seeing the entire carp. And, it's just plain simple and cheap to tie.

What kind of carp is that??
By Hydrocarbon Hal

I'm not sure what the scientific name is, but we have always called them buffalo - you see any in the waters you fish?

I love that fly. We have had a lot of rain and several cold fronts move through the last two fishing.
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By roughfisher
That fish is a Smallmouth Buffalo, Ictiobus bubalus.

I've got a couple go-to flies for carp:

my X Factor nymph pattern

rubber legged hare's ear nymph,

my version of a swimming nymph,

and my San Juan worm (armored car version) and Carp Assassin.

I developed this pattern this season, designed for carp and other roughfish in streams that feed on freshwater mussels, the Darth Clam.

I've got more patterns on my blog.
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By Woolybug25

That looks pornographic
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By roughfisher
it is pretty phallic, but it gets the chicks fish. I've caught some big drum and carp on this badboy.
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By shunned
now you may be covered in ice
and would like to give some advice,
I've seen you've already posted twice.
your carp flies, they may entice
and look mighty fine in your vice...
but mate, this simply will not suffice.
as some seppos say, no dice.
it seems you lack something nice.


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