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By Lenny
My boys are pretty tender at the moment. Dr. says to avoid lifting over 20lbs for 2 weeks. I will try and heed this advice. Of course, its the nicest weather in 7 months right now and Im stuck with a bag-o-peas (name-brand) between my legs.

He said nothing about alcohol though.
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By NeedmoreDEET
Nothing to it, right! :cheer
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By West Chester
I just read though this thread again and laughed and :vomit
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By ditchdoc
I talked a married friend of mine into getting one. His wife had been on the pill for too many years. He never forgave me. He was white-knuckles the whole time and his boys swelled up like softballs. A ten-percenter. His wife loves me though.
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By Ajax
I had a snip job in '85, and never looked back. In at 9am on a Friday, and back home wearing a jock stuffed with a bag of frozen peas and my useless testicles by noon. Ate Percodan, Ampicillin, and watched flicks for two days. Then back to my desk on Monday, no worries. Been firin' blanks with wild abandon ever since.

But my friend Bob decided that the best regimen for him would be to climb into an inner tube and soak his balls in a duckshit infested pond, and wash down the Percodans with a lot of rum. His nuts turned purple and ballooned to the size of navel oranges. He was walking like Amos McCoy when he staggered back into the hospital for a week of bug fighting that damned near cost him his entire package.

Take Door # 1.
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By Overcast
Impressive read from pages 1-6. Who would have thought there would be such input, about output.

Lenny, sounds like you can fire up the purple helmeted warrior and give the misses free rides at the carnival.
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By Lenny
my boys are still a bit sore. hope to fire off a few salvos tonight and test the gear. :gun
my boys are still a bit sore. hope to fire off a few salvos tonight and test the gear.
Good luck with that.....
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By fishinwidow
Offering a two for one.

I've seen it done so we should be good.
You first. Hubby second. That way I don't make mistakes on my property.

Crap, you already did it. Anybody up for being my practice subject?
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By CharlieJenkem
Just made my date with destiny... April 2. You haven't lived until you have a guy you just met fondling your bag and telling you where he's going to cut it open. Not looking forward to it, but the thought of a screaming infant waking me up in the middle of the night is enough to make me want to do it myself with a bottle of whiskey, dull/rusty tying scissors, and some zap-a-gap.

BTW- I remembered that this thread existed but couldn't remember the title, so I put "vasectomy" in the search box. It's fucking disturbing how many results came back.
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By McH
You should move the date to April 1st. :cool
Been there done that, on the way out of the office after the cut my Indian doctor told me "Yooou can have relations toooonight, but must be proootected for 6 weeeks" The only fucking relations I had was with a bag of frozen peas.
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on the way out of the office after the cut my Indian doctor
I misread this and thought you were referring to your nut sack as "My Indian Doctor"...I spent a good minute trying to link the two up...kept thinking of witch doctor....not bad, although I still can't make sense of it.

"That chick I took home from the bar was licking my witch doctor as she jerked me off"

sounds pretty cool. :cool
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