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By Captain Asshole
Randall Dee wrote:I hooked a nice steelhead yesterday. I was amazed at how quickly I was into my backing. I don't normally chase fish. I'm more of a stand your ground guy. But I soon realized that I had better give chase if I wanted to see this fish. So I started running down the run after it when I heard my knee pop. Sucks getting old.....
Hey letters :wave
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By T.J. Brayshaw
The timing of the site downtime was perfect. My vasectomy was scheduled for yesterday and I knew if I stumbled upon this thread the night before, I’d chicken out. Without that excuse, I had to man up and go through with it. I got light-headed and nauseous during the procedure and the nurse had to put a cold cloth to my forehead, but otherwise I handled it like a champ. I think what made me nervous was the little metal bowl sitting on the instruments table. I mean, the scalpels and clamps just sit on the tray, but I could only think of one thing (well, two) that might roll off of the tray if not placed in a bowl. I think it was just a funny practical joke though, because the bowl was empty when I left. Though it now occurs to me that I never did look in the red “biohazard” bin on the floor…
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By TX.
Funny, my doc asked me if I wanted the bits for a souvenir.
We talked about fishing and it was done before it started, then I went to Walmart w/ the wife.
I probably posted this before but it's an old thread.
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By fallen513
The sinew from my ballstraps were woven into a dreamcatcher which now hangs from my rearview mirror. No looking back, now.
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By Da Ax
I larfed at all of this.

I had this done a while back (7-8 years ago). Have 4...didn't want any more. Since I had so much work done in that region due to a urinary issue, getting this done was no issue. Likely should have done it way earlier than that, but didn't want to. That weekend that I had it done, the next door neighbor's daughter died. She (the daughter) had a stroke while in the middle of doing swimming laps at the local high school. Wife freaks, was over there for "moral support" while I'm chasing 2 toddlers up and down stairs for an entire day while clutching a bag of frozen vegetables to my groin.

I will say this:

Getting snipped is NOTHING like having a 2 foot long optical scope stick out of the end of your piss pump while the doctor AND nurse are looking for the proper accessory to snatch the stint between your kidney and bladder...for 20 minutes. Beyond that, having a doctor pull as string that is attached to a stint through your piss pump. That was an interesting feeling.

The very best is being on your back in a hospital when a nurse comes in at 6am and says that she needs to remove your catheter. She says on 3. She gets to the number 2, then yanks it out like she's starting an ancient lawnmower. I think I leaped straight up about 2 feet. This woman was sinister....
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By SageBrush
fallen513 wrote:The sinew from my ballstraps were woven into a dreamcatcher which now hangs from my rearview mirror. No looking back, now. fuckin funny. :cool
By Jed
Results are obvious:
1. Save money on contraception. Pay your $20 co-pay for the snip and that expense goes away
2. Better sex. Skin on skin.
3. No unwanted kids

1. None, unless you want more kids

It was a no-brainer for me.

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