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By Salmotrutta
Fishheadlarry wrote:
Overcast wrote:Oh that would be against doctors orders.
It's too bad his doctor can't read between Salmo's imaginary lines regarding his back injury.

He'd order his lazy ass back to work..
I'm not off work because of my back. Idiot.

And my back is fucked. It isn't very nice to make fun of someone's health issues. Ass.
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By Outcast
I'm starting to think that maybe they really don't want him back at work and that's why his employer sent him home for two and a half months. Trouble is they haven't found a replacement yet.

If you get back and there's a new guy on the line they want you to train I'd be nervous Salmo.
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By jerome
god damn if this aint some lame shit.......
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By Outcast
Jerome wrote:god damn if this aint some lame shit.......
Your post just turned things around and made it all better though. Thanks for that. :cool
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By jerome
Outcast wrote:
Jerome wrote:god damn if this aint some lame shit.......
Your post just turned things around and made it all better though. Thanks for that. :cool
that wasnt my intention......
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By Rhyacophila
Salmotrutta wrote:Image
Just an observation:

When called out about the imaginary pelt, your response was along the lines of, I ain't gotta prove anything to you guys, I know what we got...

Now, when called out about the two tips, you give in and post a photo.

So, which is it? Your not gonna be shamed into postin pics to save face, or are ya?

Makes ya wonder.
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By Salmotrutta
I gave in on nothing. It was Spud. I posted the pic. for.

The pelt is not imaginary- it's somewhere in the boys room. I'm not about to rifle through a teenage boys room to make outcast eat his own cock- he does that already. Plus it was outcast. I do nothing that twat asks. At least Spuds. went somewhere productive this winter.
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By P-A
On thing good in this thread. Sweden has better deal with Sage than you yanks.
We only have to send in the part thats broken, but maybe that just because
or fucking polar bear express can handle the weight?
:sucks :smile :smile
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By johnbmadwis
Overcast wrote:WHAT :bullshit is this.
Truff. Charged like $50. I go through my fly shop so maybe that's the diff.
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I had to pay $50 too...and it took them close to 3 months to get it back to me...I sent back a busted Redington at the same time and got it back the next week....just sayin....Sage's customer service sucks. :coffee
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By johnbmadwis
Wow. That's unacceptable. Maybe I just got lucky. I've only had one rod break, so lucky there too. Though, last time I told someone I was lucky flying everything turned to shit and now my flights are always fucked up.
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