All threads that bitch about new, existing, or old members will be posted/relocated here. Keep this shit off the General forum, because no one wants (or cares) to hear your opinions. Now go back to the other forums and post something worthy of reading.
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Nope - still up in the mountains West of Ft Collins. Mild winter this that I said that, all hell's gonna break loose
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Salmotrutta wrote:I gave in on nothing. It was Spud. I posted the pic. for.

The pelt is not imaginary- it's somewhere in the boys room. I'm not about to rifle through a teenage boys room to make outcast eat his own cock- he does that already. Plus it was outcast. I do nothing that twat asks. At least Spuds. went somewhere productive this winter. ummmm...where is the ummmm....pelt? PROVE IT FUCKER or we will forever think you are a "game waster".

I can't ummm...find it. Salmo..I really do want to believe you. And I would love for you to prove Outcast wrong. :neutral:
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By Salmotrutta
How about you post up some pics. of Wolf hides you've tanned?

***Edit- I mean poached.
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By Overcast
Salmo, this could be all bullshit, maybe you did tan the fox hide and have it somewhere. But any logical person would just post up and shut up. Lying about frivolous shit and not owning it makes you a horses ass. All people are failures, recognizing it and picking yourself up is the difference between failure's and losers. At this point, your a loser. Care to pick yourself up.

Oh, did I say thank you for letting me live another day.............Lucky, I don't think so.
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Salmotrutta wrote:How about you post up some pics. of Wolf hides you've tanned?

***Edit- I mean poached.
\ much as I would love to shoot the mother fuckers I don't kill wolves. It's against the law and NO wolf on earth is worth the loss of my business or time in the Fed Pen. Nice try though. :coffee
Now....Before I allow you to avoid the subject and spew more nonsense...tell your kids to clean their room and find that nicely tanned fox hide so we no longer have to listen to Outcast call you a "game waster". As tough as it is to think of you in that light, I am starting to believe he might be right. Goods Salmo..provide the goods man. :idea:
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By shunned
you fellas are fucking kooks.
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shunned wrote:you fellas are fucking kooks.
source=kettle/pot, pot/kettle, take your pick. :coffee
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By Salmotrutta
The boy won't be back until next weekend due to a death. Maybe I'll get him to get it out for a pic. for the midget that is outcast then. :coffee
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By Salmotrutta
shunned wrote:you fellas are fucking kooks.

Blood oath. Someone please fix me so I can go back to hanging out with molten glass with all my free time.
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By Outcast
Salmotrutta wrote: Blood oath. Someone please fix me so I can go back to hanging out with molten glass with all my free time.
I thought your lay-off was voluntary due to construction or retooling or some such shit. Now you're wishing to be "fixed" so that you can go back to work. Which teat are you really sucking Salmo, Worker's Comp or unemployment.
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By Salmotrutta
Your personal attacks are getting old. I took these layoffs with hope it would help me heal & it hasn't.
Having a fucked up body is not very much fun & I'm willing to do whatever to get it better.
This is not a joking matter. I have a family to support.
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