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By NoHumanityLeft
I went spey rodding for walleye, bass, catfish, or whatever else was willing to bite. Unfortunately, there was a bunch of neanderthals in the wash immediately below the dam . The cromags were having some luck with the walleye in the morning, and one of them even caught a nice trout (where'd it come from?). Of course, with all them lowering the collective IQ of the entire area there was no room for yours truly to swing flies.

I was able to try out a 9 weight, 14 foot, Sage Euro Spey. My word, the rod is super nice, but it just reinforces the fact that I cannot fish for atlantic salmon, the king of all game fish, more than once per year...if that. My acceptance of this great travesty has lead me down a new path: I am going to swing flies for catfish.

Does anyone have any patterns they like to swing for catfish? I have a few flies that seem promising, but I think I may need to add jungle cock eyes for them to be effective.
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By fishinwidow
Glad to see you around, i heard you were MIA for a little!

I wish I was a salmon fisherperson too. :(

BTW I think you catch catfish with a plaid shirt and your least that's how they do it on TV.
Better grow one of these while you're at it.
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By P-A
Beware of the atlantic salmon Heero, i bite of one of those and
you will forgett all about Mr Trout. Keep on swing your flies to your catfush
otherwise your life will turn for the worst in no time.
:smile :cool
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By Spudnik

Pertinent in many ways...

and no doubt one of the best 4am driving-to-the-water-played-at-mega-volume songs.
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By Salmotrutta
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