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Does Heero know you nicked his watch?
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By Outcast
I've never regretted one moment of time I spent with The Kid. I've taken a lot of jobs I later wished I hadn't. You're already rich, what the fuck do you need with more money? Nuff said.

Just for giggles, take the piss test and right before you hand over the cup full of piss drop a roach in it.

Pee for enjoyment, not for employment. The only urine sample you'll get from me is for a taste test.
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By Spudnik
If mitch saw the shit I was smoking, he'd punch me/

You got some grade A right thur.
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By West Chester
Spudnik wrote:If mitch saw the shit I was smoking, he'd punch me/
Anyone would punch you if they saw you smoking cawk
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By bender
Wonga's over rated and little girls don't stay little for long :cool
Beside's them northern fishy's would hand you your arse with a 6 weight
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By shunned
shame, shame.

shame I have to wait a week before I find I've failed.

shame they've already sent me a useless plane ticket this morning. I imagine I'll roach most of it by the weekend.

on a lighter note, I found out today that I've lost 40% hearing in my right and 20% in my left. :wink
so forgive me if it seems I'm not listening reading to a fucking word you say type.

I make you right.
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By Spudnik
shunned wrote:

on a lighter note, I found out today that I've lost 40% hearing in my right and 20% in my left. :wink
so forgive me if it seems I'm not listening reading to a fucking word you say type.

I make you right.

Does the wife know?

You may have stepped in shit.

Hope you aren't too bummed about it. I'll smoke one down for ya tonight.
Dang, shunned.

If it is any consolation, I also have difficulty hearing...mainly on account of not paying attention to anything people are saying to me. I don't know if this makes you feel any better.
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By shunned
***important update***

fucker's kettle must be fast.
got my results back today f.
I'm the charlie brown of drug tests.

I get a call from the guv'nor.
tickets have been paid for by us along with the 450 dollar medical.

ringring ringring (dogs bell funny in austria)

stoner mitch: g'day.
guv'nor: ah yeah g'day... is this mr. big underbelly?
s m: yeah...umm...shit. look, I was in the snowys mate... no one told me there was a piss test. if I knew, I wouldn't have bothered.
guv: heh heh, no worries mate. I didn't fucking know either. thing is, this little adventure has already cost the firm 3k and I can't get any other bastard to go. it's too late. if you took another test monday you reckon you'd pass?
sm: umm...would I bollocks.
guv: look mate, take it easy this weekend... just drink a load of piss.
sm: heh heh... I'll do that anyway, mate... but from what I hear it stays in your system for a month or something... it'll be a waste of more fucking quids.
guv: I'm willing to take a punt, appointments 4pm same place monday.
sm: fuck, mate... there's easier twatting jobs than this.

guv: heh heh. no there isn't mitch. be lucky, son.

hour later...

ringring ringring

stoner mitch: what is it.
guv'nor: listen capone... I've been talking to 'johnny the dodgy pom' and he reckons if you bomb some liver pills with milk thistle in it and drink a shitload of water you'll dodge the bullet come monday.
sm: yeah. I've got a bottle of them right here ($40) but I don't think they'll work... they're fucking herbal.
guv: so was the shit that got you into this bother, mate.
sm: I've also bought 9litres ($10) of water... I'll probably fucking drown this weekend.
guv: your luck... you'll probably get hit by a bus on sunday. wear clean pants.
sm: yeah, funny. at least when I piss meself it won't pong. who's paying this one?
guv: you are, mate.

times like this... I wish I was nicer to veetch.

now I'm trying to get straight to do something I don't even want to fucking do. hard place... meet rock.
I got a pretty cushty number that pays bundles, holidays every other month and I run my own crew... not the best time to be on the dole either.

on a lighter note, heero wrote us another song... the kook.

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it's gonna be a long night.
perhaps I'll try and get me nuts in. :coffee
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By Outcast
Sounds like you need a new dick mate. ... inator.htm
Luau 2021

yup :smile

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