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By cool manchu
Sweet! :cool
By thalweg
I never come down here. I will now. Holy shit that kid can ride.
By Kylemc
By Kylemc
TN State championship...Muddy Creek Raceway..7/13- 7/15

Schoolboy 1....12th
125 am.........7th

Ty crashed in 3 of 4 motos, not the best weekend but he is one piece, just banged up pretty good.
By Kylemc

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By Lando
He needs a new sticker on that rear fender.
By Kylemc
Lando wrote:He needs a new sticker on that rear fender.
Need my addy?
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By Lando
Yes, please.
By Kylemc
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By steelrain202
we need to fish again
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By steelrain202
are you mad at me?
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