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By Willi
Just got back from a trip to S CO with Pancho and Bruiser (should be some reports forth coming) and I come back to my home river looking something like this. (Pix not taken today but at another time when flows were this low)



Here's the same place about two weeks ago and the type of fish it produces:





Since runoff started, there have been record high flows in the Poudre through Fort Collins, virtually all Summer. The last record was about a week ago. Now the flows are down to extremely low and damaging flows. ... o=06752260 ... o=06752260

I don't understand why can't the flows be leveled out so there are more moderate flows instead of the extreme changes we see. In low water years I can understand these low flows but when we have an over abundance of water like we have this year, I would think that some concessions could be made for the good of the river. I belong to several local organization trying to deal with this (and other river related issues) and the water companies are total unreceptive to the concept of regulating flows and want to just treat the river as their personal irrigation canal.

I have no answers and I apologize for the rant, but this shit drives me CRAZY!!!

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By Woolybug25
I feel ya, Willi. I hope something gets done about that river before it gets destroyed. It's amazing that a river that is designated as Wild and Scenic gets brutalized like that. Damned shame.


off topic... i'm in for AK. :cool
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By tb3.
It's galling the way they've sliced and diced and engineered western watersheds and flow regimes to the point there's nothing left to call a river. :bomb

Kudos to being active, water fights, especially out west, aren't going to get easier any time soon.
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By ditchdoc
Wow. That is one of the prettiest streams (usually). It always reminds me of another "world famous" tailwater...only longer. The ups and downs on western water this year seem unusual...floods, droughts, floods, droughts...but, then again, I'm a flatlander. What do I know?
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By peetso
This makes me sad . . . makes a guy lose faith in civilization.

Lots of folks' priorities are fucked.
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By MTgrayling

Damn willy, that is messed up.

I often wonder what goes through the minds of the people who take the last few drops of water and life from a stream? I'd like it to be a chunk of lead.
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By Hogleg
That's fucked up Willi. Sorry to hear it. Any douche-bag politicos we could send a friendly email to that might help?
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