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By slapshot
heading outside to make sure i can still pop a shove it at 34. video to follow
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By steelrain202
i tried some ollies, and a few table tops on a bmx bike i hurt badly
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By west_jay
I'm catching up on some bookkeeping on my MBP; Quickbooks Pro, Windows vers.
Listening to "One More For From The Road," 25th Anniversary Ed., just downloaded into iTunes.

I must have listened to this a million times. Back then.
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C: 7:08 and I am plowed already.
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By austrotard
confession: I spent roughly four hours reading 86 pages of ryan's postings to find something trivial and somewhat unimportant.

relates: it was nice to be all wound up in those pages this rainy afternoon... it's like going through your cousin's family album. (as opposed to her smalls.)

elates: I found it.
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By fatman
confession: I remember when "Freebird" wasn't just a punchline
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Confession: When I went camping a few weeks ago, the wife and I(after many cocktails) found a string of small turds right on the edge of our campsite:

Her: What kind of animal did this come's fresh.
Me: That's a fox 100%, the size and shape are spot on.
Her: Shouldn't it have hair in it? That worries me, that an animal would be that brazen, to sneak into our campsite while we were ten feet think Henry(our 5 year old son) is safe playing around here?
Me: Yes, an animal as small as a fox won't mess with him, regardless, I will watch him extra close.

The night went by, more drinks, son in bed,and more debate over the scat.

Next morning, I find Henry peeing on the turds.....and it dawns on me.

Me: Henry, did you poop there last night?
Henry: Yes.

Kid was too scared to go into the sage, so he popped a squat in our campground. Never said a word while the wife and I discussed what left it.
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By blumpkin
Hell yeah... Finishing up a 13 hour work day just in time
to watch Walter White get shot in the head by Hanks widow.

At least that's my prediction.
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By blumpkin
Awesome... First hotel we've stayed at that does not have AMC.
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By austrotard
confession: had to goggle walter white and amc.
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By west_jay
Confusion: My offspring have tried for months to get me to watch. Circumstances beyond my good judgment put me in front of the telly for the next-to-last episode.

ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... :coffee

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