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By gadflyfisher

As for as fishing I go both ways.
Different games.
Making a perfect cast and knowing just when and where the fish will rise to it is intoxicating.
Right now I'm into making the perfect cast and swinging and waiting for the heavy take where I'm expecting it to come is invigorating.
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By Aguirre
I'm pretty sure Wendy's gonna leave me.

She gave me a black eye two nights ago and I'm back at my dads house.

She's totally unreasonable.
But her mom died from alcohol when Wendy was 25 so I get that she's sick if it and won't go through it again.
Not that I'm reasable...
Or blame her.
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By fallen513
On the upside, you're free to fish & party. Problem solved!
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Hang tough dude. Both of you have been thru a lot,apparently.,

Fishing latest. I don't give a fuck what you are doing. I will take your 40 fish. I am a huge fan of whatever is working at the time.
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By austrotard
Aguirre wrote:
I've been a bit of a cockhead as of late.
fuck. who hasn't?
but sort out what's important and stop fucking about. you're not on fucking holiday.

potkettlefession: monday morning. at home.

relates: when the contract is up the street where would they expect me to be... on site? pffft.


stale: my interest in this job.

late: I should probably get back. just wanted to yell at aggers for a bit. we'll call it deflection.
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By fatman
austrotard wrote:sort out what's important and stop fucking about
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By Spicytuna
Confession relates:

Took a full on header on the cruiser bike after drinking to much in celebration of passing my fireman physical agility.

Elates: fucking planter jumped right in front of me and now my tailbone hurts like a bitch.
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By MTgrayling
You seem well enough to type, so that's working for you.

How's the bike?
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By austrotard
confession: number 500.

relates: the above is not actually true. I may have made a comment or two.


tales: tonight I let my sick as a parrot missus use the last of my 'fiddich 18 to make herself some hot toddies.

late: she's dead to the world now. (zzzz)

eat: a dick.
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