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By Horn_Identity
How about this one, wow, just wow.....

An unleashed pit bull survived being shot in the head by police at a busy Manhattan intersection Monday afternoon, cops and witnesses said.
The dog’s owner — described by his friends as a drifter who has the dog for protection — was in front of a KFC fast food restaurant at E. 14th St. and Second Ave. about 4:15 p.m. when he appeared to be having a seizure, witnesses said.
Three cops surrounded the man and tried to roust him, angering the dog, according to witnesses.
“Instead of calling the ambulance, they started kicking him,” said lower East Side resident Aida Feliciano.
“The homeless guy looked like he was having a seizure — the dog started acting defensive,” said Christian Pimentel, 21. “The dog started barking at the officer.”
Alejandro Cararubia, 28, who works at a nearby restaurant, saw the shooting.
“The dog barked and jumped at the cop. The cop shot him in self-defense,” Cararubia said.
Passersby on the block, including small children, began to cry at the sight of the bloodied animal, Pimentel said.
“The dog was just defending its owner and the cops shot it in the head,” said deli clerk Ines Pauling.
“Nobody wants to see a dog shot. The dog just screeched on the floor, blood oozing from his head. . . . It had his tongue out. It was sad,” said Pimentel.

A trail of the dog’s blood was seen from the sidewalk to the middle of the road where it limped before collapsing.
“If you kick the dog’s owner, the dog is obviously going to attack,” said Alan Crosby, 40, who saw the attack.
Police said the dog survived and was being cared for at an East Harlem shelter. The unidentified homeless man and the shooting officer were taken to Bellevue Hospital for minor injuries.

Read more: ... z23igk3Aws

Read more: ... z23igU5g3C
By Kylemc
My nephew is a cop in NYC. Before you say fuck them walk in their shoes. Spit on MANY times. Life on the line way too often. Yeah ASSHOLE cops and others deserve no respect,but LEO in general are good folk...much like the Drake
By Kylemc
I agree. Unfortunately a few of my experiences were involving "chip on the shoulder" cops.
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By Horn_Identity
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Los Angeles Police Department commanding officer has been removed amid an internal investigation into a videotaped beating in which officers tackled a handcuffed registered nurse to the ground, police Chief Charlie Beck said Wednesday.
Beck said previously that he had "serious concerns" about the use of force against Michelle Jordan, 34, who was arrested in the Tujunga area on Aug. 21 after being stopped for talking on a cellphone while driving, police said.
Jordan got out of the car and cursed the two officers who stopped her, witnesses and Jordan's husband told KNBC-TV.
Fast-food restaurant surveillance video obtained by the TV station ( ) showed officers taking her to the ground. After she is handcuffed and walked to a police car, the 5-foot-4 woman is tackled a second time by an officer who lands on top of her.
"She made some unwise moves," her attorney, Sy Nazif, told the station. "But certainly nothing that warranted a physical assault from the LAPD."
Photos show scrapes on Jordan's face, shoulders and chest.
The officers involved in the incident have been removed from patrol duty until an LAPD investigation is complete. One is a 22-year veteran and the other is a probationary officer with 10 months on the force.
Beck said at a news conference Wednesday that Capt. Joseph Hitner of the department's Foothill Division was "severely deficient in his response," Beck said.
"Proper steps were not taken, including appropriate notifications and the removal of the involved officers from the field," Beck said. "Because of these issues, I have removed him from his command and initiated downgrade procedures. Every Los Angeles police officer, regardless of rank, will be held accountable for their actions."

See the video here: ... 51139.html :gun
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By West Chester
Here are some PA state police thugs beating up a man. Long video but worth it.

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By WanderingBlues
So, do you think they grow cops on an island and keep them pure until deployment? Fuck no. They're your neighbors, relatives, your kid's coaches, the guy stuck in line at the DMV as pissed as you are..... Cops are coming straight out of the communities they serve. It ain't perfect. Far from it.

I've hired and fired more than a few assholes in 23 years of law enforcement. What I've found is 99.8% are good folks doing a good job and trying to get home safe to their families. .1% are shitheads. The other .1% are Chiefs trying to figure out how to enforce laws that change monthly.

I find it ironic that this forum will scream for blood when some douche bag has poached or stolen gear, but will say 'fuck the cops' over someone's smoke getting confiscated. Further, it was just last week that we offered condolences over a fellow Flyfisher killed in the line of duty in West Virginia. Was it 'fuck that guy, too?'

Personally, I think the asset forfeiture stuff is getting bad and will only get worse as politicians continue to cut funding. As our Mayor so brazenly said- "you better learn to police for profit you are losing your patrol fleet budget.' I think it's BS.

I'd offer this..... Be an officer or deputy or trooper for a year, or a decade, and see if your view changes. You might be surprised to learn most are no different than any other person paying the bills, getting by, and hoping for better days down the road.
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My first fishing buddy was a a trooper 20 years my senior. Good guy to me, but had probably been a cop too long. I don't think I could stand up to the shit they have to put up with dealing with the folks they have to on a regular basis. Hell, a stressful work day for me is my dogs getting into old potatoes on our morning walk and farting up the studio.

The family across the street has two of their four sons in the Sherrifs dept. I've know the youngest since he was 15. Really great neighbors- in fact they are the thing I like best about where I live- and the two have turned into just the type of guys I'd like to see as sheriffs- smart, honest, even tempered. And big. Not big portly. Big like, You don't want to make me get up and come over there.

I had a family dealio at the beginning of the summer, and without going into detail, I ended up asking a sheriff parked along the road (probably from having just written somebody up) for help. He was awesome. I was kind of a wreck by then, worried about someone really special to me, and he just sat there and quietly got busy doing everything he could. It all turned out fine, but that guy was just what I needed that day.

Don't worry too much, WB. You got some fans. :cool
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By Horn_Identity
Not one utter of all cops are bad in this thread. There are lots of good cops and would agree that majority are just that. Thankful and grateful to have those that serve the public with integrity. Don't know where you got that 0.1 bad cops/shitheads # but whatever. I suspect it's much higher than that figure. They are in a position of authority that every good citizen has paid for and some abuses that authority. That is bullshit. This is the "Bitchin Forum" . Carry on. :coffee
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What I've found is 99.8% are good folks doing a good job and trying to get home safe to their families. .1% are shitheads. The other .1% are Chiefs trying to figure out how to enforce laws that change monthly.
You must live in a f'ing utopia. I realize they're just normal citizens too , but if you think you can take 100 folks from anywhere and end up with 98 "Good People" you're living in a dreamworld. The worlds full of worthless assholes and unfortunately some of em end up wearing a gun and badge , which is never a good combination for common citizens. I've got a good buddy who's a sheriff so I'm not knocking law enforcement in general , just the assholes that let a little bit of power go to their head.
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