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git on em Chester! :coffee
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By West Chester
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FITCHBURG (CBS) – Dozens of Fitchburg State University students showed up at a bail reduction hearing at Worcester Superior Court in support of Andrew Despres, who was being held on $50,000 bail over charges of trespassing and carrying ammunition without a firearms license.

Despres was arrested after campus police discovered he was wearing what turned out to be a fake ammunition belt. He spent a week in jail before having his bail reduced to $500 on Wednesday.

Last Monday, Despres, 20, of New Bedford reportedly was expelled from school for alleged possession of marijuana, knives and fireworks on campus.

The next day, he was arrested for trespassing on the Fitchburg State campus after he failed to inform campus security that he had returned to pick up his belongings
Guilty of Trespassing. Absolutly. Guilty of carrying ammunition without a firearms license... not a chance in hell.

A week in jail and $50,000 bail. Really? These police states are getting out of control.

According to Massachusetts General Law, a charge of trespassing has the following penalties:

up to 30 days in jail

or, a fine of up to $100,

or, both the fine and jail term.
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By Horn_Identity
Fired Trooper Accused of Faked DUIs
By JOHN SCHRIFFEN | Good Morning America – Thu, Jan 3, 2013 9:19 PM EST

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against a former Utah Highway Patrol trooper and her superiors alleging that she filed false DUI charges during her career.

The department fired Lisa Steed in November for alleged misconduct related to her duties.

Attorney Michael Studebaker, who is one of the lawyers leading the class-action lawsuit, says he has been contacted by at least 40 people claiming Steed wrongfully arrested them on DUI or drug charges.

"Culture of corruption. The stories are just rampant," said Studebaker, who filed the lawsuit Dec. 14 in District Court in Salt Lake County.

Lawyers have yet to determine exactly how much the plaintiffs will seek in monetary damages.

One of the alleged victims was Michael Choate, who says Steed pulled him over for speeding with his wife in the car.

"She said she clocked me at 73. I said as fastest I was going was about 62," Choate said.

Choate was arrested and charged with DUI, but the charge was reduced to having an open container of alcohol in the car after a blood test showed he was not drunk. Choate says he was forced to pay $3,000 in fines to get his car back.

Choate was also upset that his wife was forced to find her own way home after his arrest.

"They dropped her off at a Burger King," he said. "She didn't have any money, she didn't have her cellphone with her. She had to borrow a quarter from a lady to make a phone call."

Steed and her attorney have not responded to requests for comment. Utah Highway Patrol says it cannot comment on pending litigation.

She is under investigation by the FBI.

Studebaker also cites a dashcam video from a 2011 traffic stop that he says shows Steed's pulling over a woman driver. The video shows the driver performing a series of sobriety tests. Studebaker says the unidentified woman passed all the tests with flying colors but was still arrested for DUI.

Charges were later dropped after a blood test found no alcohol in her system, Studebaker says. The driver has since joined the lawsuit against Steed.

Steed was named Utah Highway Patrol's "Trooper of the Year" in 2007 for making more than 200 DUI arrests, a reward that Studebaker says should be taken away from her.

Steed herself has admitted in the past that she did not follow proper protocol while administering a DUI check. At a court hearing in May 2012, Steed admitted that, while she was administering a blood-alcohol test on Theron Alexander March 2010, she removed her microphone in order to perform an unauthorized action.

An attorney representing Alexander told ABC News last year that Steed's actions could call all her cases into question.

"The cumulative facts may well have a significant ripple effect across every case she's touched," Salt Lake City attorney Joseph Jardine said in March. "This could become the basis for overturning multiple convictions in the past."

Steed's attorney, Greg Skordas, has said he does not believe that the incident is any reflection of his client's credibility.

"It doesn't affect her credibility. It affects the way she does things, her ability to follow instructions," Skordas told in March. "It doesn't mean she's dishonest."

In 2009, dashcam video showed Steed stun-gunning Ryan Jones, a motorist who was later determined to be sober.

The case was settled in November 2011 when the state paid Jones $40,000 without admitting wrongdoing.

When asked about that case, Skordas said, "She took her lumps, she was reprimanded and we move on." ... ories.html
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By Horn_Identity
Apparently Ohio State – and college football in general – isn’t very popular in the state of Tennessee.

At least not with the police.

Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni, 65, and her husband were driving home to Plano, Texas from Columbus after attending her mother-in-law’s funeral when a pair of black police SUV’s stopped the couple a few miles outside of Memphis.

“Knowing I wasn’t speeding, I couldn’t imagine why,” Jonas-Boggioni told the Columbus Dispatch. “They were very serious. They had the body armor and the guns.”

On the back of Jonas-Boggioni’s car was a Buckeye leaf decal, similar to the one players’ have on their helmets, and cops mistakenly thought it was marijuana leaf.

Yes, really.

“What are you doing with a marijuana sticker on your bumper?” one of the cops asked Jonas-Boggioni.

(AP)After trying to explain that the sticker was not a marijuana leaf and that she and her husband were not trafficking drugs cross-country, the police advised Jonas-Boggioni to remove the sticker as to not cause any more confusion.

You know, just in case there were any other moronic drug cops out there that didn’t actually know what a marijuana leaf looked like.

From the Columbus-Dispatch:

[Jonas-Boggioni] was too rattled to notice what police department the officers represented. But she suspects that a joint drug-interdiction effort was under way because they had passed several law-enforcement vehicles from different agencies.

Neither the Tennessee Highway Patrol nor the Shelby County sheriff’s office in Memphis had information about the traffic stop. A marijuana sticker would not be a sufficient reason to stop a car, said a spokeswoman for the West Tennessee Drug Task Force.

Regardless, Tennessee police apparently aren't botany experts. If they were, they’d know a marijuana leaf has seven leaflets (see above picture) and a narrow shape as compared to the Buckeye leaf, which is fat and has five leaflets.

At least that’s what it says on the Internet. I have no firsthand knowledge of this.

As for Jonas-Boggioni, she acknowledged the cop’s wishes, but got back in her car without removing the sticker.

“I didn’t take it off,” Jonas-Boggioni told the paper. “This little old lady is no drug dealer.”

Just an avid Ohio State fan.

LINK: ... ncaaf.html

Canadians better be careful with their flag.
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By Horn_Identity
Dismissed: State trooper beats citations in fatal crash
One FHP commander fired, a supervisor faces demotion

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper gets his three traffic tickets dismissed during hearing

By Sally Kestin, Sun Sentinel
10:28 p.m. EST, February 16, 2013

The car barreled down a county road at more than 100 mph before it slammed into a Mitsubishi Galant, killing one woman, seriously injuring another and hurtling a child through the windshield.

At the wheel of the speeding vehicle: an on-duty Florida Highway Patrol trooper.

FHP found the trooper, Detrick McClellan, at fault in the horrific crash, fired him, and cited him with three traffic violations.

•Video: Watch the court hearing
Photos: Florida Highway Patrol crash scene
FHP disciplines 31 troopers for speeding

But when his case came up in court, the trooper who issued the citations wasn't there. Another trooper in attendance said that though he couldn't represent the agency, he would not object to dismissing the tickets, and the judge did just that.

McClellan walked out with no consequences, and even got handshakes from his fellow law enforcement officers.

"If the FHP allows it to stand, what they're saying is the law does not apply to us, even if we kill people," said Dennis Kenney, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York and a former Florida police officer.

The hearing, captured on video, contributed to the firing of an FHP commander, and on Friday FHP announced that a sergeant would be recommended for demotion.

The trooper who issued the citations has been exonerated — FHP found he had a legitimate reason to miss court — but seven other troopers remain under investigation for their conduct in the hearing. FHP is still trying to sort out what happened in the courtroom.

"We really can't speculate," said Capt. Nancy Rasmussen, spokeswoman for the highway patrol. "Hopefully, through those investigations we'll find out."

A Sun Sentinel investigative series last year found extreme speeding by South Florida law enforcement officers, both on and off duty. A culture of professional courtesy resulted in cops being cited and punished far less frequently than other drivers, even when their speeding caused deaths or serious injury.

The crash that landed McClellan in court happened on a two-lane road in rural Gadsden County, west of Tallahassee, with a speed limit of 55 mph. The trooper, who joined FHP in 2006, was on duty the afternoon of Feb. 10, 2012, when he responded to a call about someone throwing rocks from an overpass.

Accelerating with no emergency lights, the trooper reached 102 mph in his Crown Victoria, heading toward a curve with a recommended speed limit of 35 mph, according to FHP records. Coming the other way was the Mitsubishi with two women and a 12-year-old girl, on their way home to Quincy after picking the child up from school, relatives said.

As McClellan reached the curve, he veered off the road, then swerved into the other lane and smashed into the Mitsubishi. Passenger Michelle Campbell, 51, died several hours later from her injuries. Campbell's granddaughter, 12, flew through the windshield, and the other woman, her niece, suffered serious injuries, records show.

FHP Cpl. C. Brooks Yarborough investigated the crash and found McClellan responsible. Prosecutors declined to file criminal charges, determining that the trooper's driving did not rise to the level of vehicular homicide.

"He responded to [the call] rapidly because that's a dangerous thing, rocks hitting cars," Willie Meggs, state attorney for the circuit that includes Gadsden County, told the Sun Sentinel. "We made the conclusion that there was a life lost, but he was trying to save a life."

Yarborough cited McClellan for careless driving, speeding, and failure to use his emergency lights — non-criminal traffic infractions typically punishable by fines.

A hearing was set for Nov. 5 before Gadsden County Judge Kathy Garner. Two hours before it started, Garner's assistant got a call saying Yarborough wouldn't be there, the judge announced at the hearing.

Yarborough had a "medical emergency" and notified his supervisor, Sgt. Aaron Stephens, that morning, said Rasmussen, the FHP spokeswoman. But Stephens failed to send someone else or request the hearing be rescheduled, she said.

When the case came up, seven troopers were in the courtroom, although the reason is unclear. FHP wouldn't say, and McClellan's lawyer said they may have been present for other cases being heard that day.

The judge asked if any of them was able to represent FHP against McClellan, and none said they could.

Copyright © 2013, South Florida Sun-Sentinel ... ory?page=1

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By Pedorro
Cops in Quebec do a "Rodney King" on a 19 year old who robbed a pharmacy with a BB gun.

You will see in the video the kid knew the jig was up so ran to a place where (I'm guessing here) it appears he knew there was a parking lot camera. He dropped his gun, laid on the ground spread eagle and awaited his capture.

Take a look.

SO they beat the bejeebus out of him kicked and punched his lights out. RIbs, teeth etc. Dude was messed up!

Presently the 4 cops are on paid leave until an investigation is complete.

The cops reports stated that they had to use force as they felt threatened as the culprit tried to avoid capture. Then the video showed up.

Imagine their surprise...

Here's the story if you give a shit.

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By Pedorro
HornIdentity :Canadians better be careful with their flag.
Waddaya talking about? We like our flag.
Last edited by Pedorro on Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:11 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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