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By The Wandering Blues
Bigguy wrote:On a brighter note: ... index.html
Wish they would legalize it in California.Not the 'medical we want to provide compassionate relief to chemo grandma' marijuana, but legalize the whole thing. Tax the shit out of it and fist fuck any illegal grower or person attending an illegal grow who's diverting water and dumping pesticides into watersheds and fucking up trout runs.
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By Redchaser
Today I actually had a good experience with a cop. I was heading back to work from a Dr. apt and approached a stop sign at an intersection I cross regularly. The intersection is wide open and you have a view of if anything's coming long before the intersection. Because of that I have a bad habit of slowing down, but not actually stopping at the sign. I did that today without noticing the police car behind me. He lit 'em up and pulled me over. By the time he got to my window I had my license and insurance card out and handed them to me. He told me he was pulling me over for not coming to a complete stop at the stop sign, but did acknowledge that I had slowed down. He asked if I had my registration so I went through my glove box looking for it. The registration wasn't in my glove box so I knew it had to be in my console. I also keep a handgun in the console. I told the officer that my registration must be in my console, but that I had a firearm in there and didn't want to reach into it without letting him know. He asked what kind of firearm it was and I told him then he asked me to step out so that he could retrieve it. He got the gun out and unloaded it, leaving the ammo in the cup holder. He then held onto the weapon and asked me to retrieve my registration. I gave him my registration and he went back to his car and called in my license etc. After a few minutes he returned and commented that my driving record was completely clean, and that since he was appreciative of how I handled the situation with the gun he was going to let me off without writing me for the stop sign. He then told me he would put the weapon on the floorboard of the passenger side, he walked around and put it on the floorboard and I was on my way. Fortunately when he walked around the vehicle to get to the passenger side he walked around the back because my inspection sticker is expired, and had he gone around the front he would have seen it.

From the beginning of the stop I was polite with the officer, and always am. You won't win an argument with a cop so there's no point in pissing him off, and frankly they are doing their job. I've never been pulled over for an infraction I didn't commit. Having a pleasant attitude has gotten me out of many tickets. I normally put my registration and insurance in the glove box exactly so I won't have to go into where the gun is if I'm stopped, but I must have been shuffling some papers around and mistakenly put it in the console.
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By tailchaser
I've gotten 4 triffic light tickets (by the cameras) here in texas...

they can't put a warrant out if you don't pay them and they can't send it to collections or report them to your credit bureau either. in other words... they can't do shit.

I draw dicks on the letters they send me and send the art back to them....
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By West Chester
#535344 ... -facebook/

HUMBOLDT, AZ — A man says that within hours of making an impassioned post on Facebook, he was being interrogated by police and the FBI.

Blaine Cooper, 33, contacted with a concerning story about how his sentiments posted on Facebook had drawn the attention of the federal government. He showed me the comment and told me that within 24-hours of posting it, he was being contacted by the police and FBI.

His colorful comment was in reference to what he believes is an “American Police State,” in which the power of the federal government is growing in a direction which may one day lead people to fight back.

Cooper, who is training to be a wild land fire fighter, said that on August 23, he was contacted by Officer Jason Kuafman of the Prescott Valley Police Department and was told that he needed to come to the police station for an interview with the FBI.

He complied with the request for an interview, which lasted 45 minutes with federal agents present. He was released after apparently being determined to not be a threat.

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information, and parent’s information,” Cooper told

Cooper said that he was told that without “defusing the situation” by complying with the interview, his house might have been raided.

“The FBI made mention they came to question me so they didn’t have to kick in my door,” Cooper told

Cooper's facebook comment which got him Federal attention within hours. Cooper’s Facebook comment which got him Federal attention within hours.

It should be pointed out that answering questions from federal agents is an extremely risky idea, especially without the presence of a lawyer. Supreme Court case BROGAN v. UNITED STATES affirmed that it is a federal crime to tell any lie, or misrepresent any fact, to a federal agent. Even an innocent person with good intentions could commit a federal crime by misspeaking during an interview.

But apparently the alternative to complying to an interview is getting raided by the FBI.

Still feeling threatened, Cooper made a YouTube video on Aug. 23, as a record to the public in case he “disappears.”

hope this doesn’t happen to anybody else,” he said.

The rapid response of the FBI could be a result of the federal government’s XKeyscore program, which gives them the ability to collect “nearly everything a user does on the internet.”

The irony of the situation is that Cooper’s concerns of the USA becoming a police state were actually validated by the fact that the federal government launched an investigation over his frustrated Facebook comment, showing up with detailed records on his family and their internet activity.

Cooper has been very open to questions and has provided his own number, as well as the police contacts that were made.

Blaine Cooper: (928) 632-5156

Prescott Valley (AZ) Police Department: (928) 772-9261

Jason Kuafman: (928) 772-5120
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I think the internet, and technology as a whole, has enabled people to speak with a false sense of impunity and anonimity. I also think that law enforcement uses the information they gather off the internet as fact, whereas it is mainly(99.9%) bullshit and ranting.

I liken it to an advanced lesson in road rage. People in cars many times feel as if they are protected by that metal shell, free to flip off and mouth curse words to anyone who has "wronged them" on the road. The reality is, most are not as emphatic and combative once they are stuck at a red light with that person at their window. The internet has no red light, aside from an algorithm that picks up many of the words the idiot above(the poster that was quoted, not you, Chester) wrote in succession......and flags it.

Reading any comments section on your local paper's messageboard reveals this discrepancy. People write on the internet without guilt or common sense, have no qualms about escalating the situation (under the guise of anonimity), threaten lives, bloodshed, and more....then are surprised that this scarecrow of privacy via computer is shown to be false.

It honestly gives me respect for Tailing Permit. The entire board knew his real name, and he still lashed out. He made a lot of enemies, but never hid behind his computer. That is balls, and as insane as his rants sometimes were, he was ready to face the consequences in the real world.

Moral of the story: Be prepared to defend yourself in real life for what you put up online. I realize that I post questionable stuff(never threats), but it is always in jest. I have very few ongoing beefs in my real life.....maybe 0. It's all for laughs. If I posted something like the militia guy, I would expect to have someone contact me as a result. The fucking guy talks about bloodshed(killing Federal officers) and revolution as a result of his opinions. That isn't freedom, nor is it is a threat. I have no sympathy for him, he deserved it. If he had stood in front of a federal building and yelled that he was ready to kill people inside, would any of you disagree with the questioning? The internet is real, unfortunately.

As far as my dick drawings go, I just don't give a shit about them anymore...that was so 2010 anyway.
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