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By LuckyBastard
[report]This one belongs in the Bitching Room. My Bucks Party was Saturday Night, and this is how it's done in Australia.

Perfect Music to "Get Your Drank On."

After a day of Paintball, where I was wearing Hi-Vis Overalls, and everyone else had Camo's, I found myself like this:


We Played Beer Pong, but of course my "Beer" was triple shot something or other


It was a great night, epecially because I got to drink with my Brothers and Old Man, though Dad isn't doing too well by now


It's best not to pass out at these events


Or you might get Ground Upon


What else do you do when you're drinking with a guy in a Mankini


But Grapple?


You know you've been at your own Bucks Night when you wake up aching, in a tent, with a Black Eye, a Cigar Burn on your right ass cheek, you've no idea where your glasses are, and you're still dressed in a Mankini

You missed a cracker Mitch

Cheers Boys

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By Aguirre
You own the Borat bikini suit?
You sir are awesome.
Looks like a nice hangover for everyone involved.
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By BigTimber
so you were the only stripper?
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By Lenny
My wife has that same black camisole.

This has to go down as one of the more uncomfortable threads in this place

The ball and chain is priceless
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By Average Joe
Lenny wrote:This has to go down as one of the more uncomfortable threads in this place
Oh I don't know. It's not like he posted a picture of himself wearing nothing but a goofy hat, one ugly green sock, and an over-sized Orvis shirt.
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Nice LB....

Makes me think of my stag do... best mate gives me another shot while I'm seated, and the stripper in front of me stops and says to him, "stop, you're going to kill him!"...

Looks like fun, albeit strange times in the mancave....congrats, on surviving that! :cool
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By fallen513
Here in the states bachelor parties are a bit more hetero.

congrats, I think.
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Jesus Christ.

Why? On so many fronts.......why? Just baffled........baffled that I just saw 20 pictures of a dude in a slut bikini, baffled that it took 20 pictures to tell the story....baffled at the positive responses....baffled at all of the gay mountings.....was there a girl on the entire thing?

I am not against letting people do what they feel like doing. To each their own.....100%. This shit just went a little too into detail for my tastes.

Fuck. Warn me next time....something like "RFA - Don't click"
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