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By Ramcatt
tailing loop
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Check above, Ram.....I used that one already.
RFA » Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:50 pm

The Double Haul.....

Tailing Loop.....

Raffa - 98
Ram - 56
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By Ramcatt
blood knott
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By Ramcatt
where do you get more power? forward cast? or back cast?

if you sit to cast hope you are only using back casts... hate to get something fouled up in the bow
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You're grasping at straws at this point, Ram......punch drunk. I am in control, dancing even.

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By fallen513
Shooting line...

Into the backing...

Positioning your anchor...

Nemo, my son just mimics what he sees. Neither of us can read.
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By fallen513
Long rear taper...
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By Ramcatt

i ran 8 laps before you even tied you shoes and i'm breaking away

just take a wiff of my tailwind
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By Ramcatt
cheer up

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By BigTimber
RFA wrote:
Ramcatt wrote:
RFA wrote:I get the nod for author on the shit article, Ramcatt is to be listed as a contributor. :cool
fuck that noise... is still have another 15
co-authors "Ramcatt and RFAAALLLAALALLA"

Nemo says this is going to be a 2pager
you can have full page for drawings ala

I warn you, I am as, if not more, proficient with coming up with potty humor as I am with drawing cartoon dicks. If you are challenging me to a dual, then, sir, I accept. Choose your words wisely.

Here's a taste, without explanation, so you don't embarrass yourself:

Bowing to the Brown King, aka Clearing the Line.

definition forthcoming....or you could figure it out fo' yo'seff. This shit comes to me so easily, my wife recites it when I wake up, because I was talking about it in my sleep.

(snapping fingers, spinning, and strutting away)
my roommate and i used to do this in college while watching football. it's too easy.

"splitting the uprights" was my favorite.
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