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By flashback
My dogs crashed and burned at obedience trial that weekend, girl not too bad, distracted by rude people behind her, boy just didn't want to be there.
Video was fantastic, really what our guys are like, they catch squirrels on the fly rats really don't have a chance. Both are therapy dogs.
Jack Russells not only can swim, but they can also climb trees. GS has experience with that.
Never a dull moment with terriers around. As calm as my guys can be, don't think they would be good fishing buddies, couldn't keep them from chasing prey.
The boy, Keegan, has become my assistance dog, tells me when the phone is ringing or the doorbell too, he has figured out I'm deaf on my right side and helps out.
Another funny story about dogs--- my parents had a 3/4 collie 1/4 wolf that was difficult on leash, always straining, pulling. After my dad had a stroke and walked with a brace, the dog always walked with a limp leash, but only with my dad. We had a fox terrier who when he thought he was being ignored would jump on your back from behind and do a flip in the air, but when he saw dad he wouldn't do that, somehow knowing that would be bad. I really think dogs have incredible knowledge about us simply by observing us closely. You who have Labs know this.
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