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By austrotard
I'd sooner suck my own dick or break my neck trying than wear these everfuckingimproving boots.


[i]"pay us to practice"[/i]

disclaimer: haters gonna hate, bishes. <still makes me giggle
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By fatman
austrotard wrote: "pay us to practice"
If ever anyone said to me, "my bison moccasins are limited edition", I'd slap them.
I'll have a pair of Korkers for sale in the ASsifieds soon. Brand new. Selling em to replace with something that can take some wear.
pbrstreetgang wrote:How the fuck is an inanimate object able to be classified as "the fastest, most athletic?"
Tell me about it. The minute I put them on they'd cease to be both.
been down the bigger better road before ,and at the end there is a pile of horseshit
I was given a pair as a gift about two months ago. I lost the standard sole of the left one Saturday while chasing these. It is a size 10 for the left foot if anyone has one. I can not bring myself to spend any money on them as, as they have only been used twice and are gonna start costing money already. Girlfriends are probably cheaper and you will definitely get more mileage out of them before you have to start throwing money at them.
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I won't buy the new ones, but I've had a pair that has been my main boot for three years now. not a whole lot of complaints. never changed the sole. lace up version. laces replaced. very light weight and haven't come apart with my size 13's. New pair is patagucci rock walkers.
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In my opinion, the biggest waste of money in fly fishing.

Confession: $150.....I didn't spend that (connections, yo) . No need to go super moon boot with a bunch of shit accesories like "BOA lace system" or whatever it is called.......not to mention the stupid Korker soles......"Hey, looks like the terrain is changing, chaps, better pull off my soles to adapt!". Fucking Seppo marketing.

Oh yeah - these. Bare bones as far as Simms of their lowest priced boots.

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